The free London that (maybe) you don’t know

London is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. The truth is that it can be visited in many ways because it is a capital that ranges from great luxury to more affordable places to stay, such as the well-known bread and breakfast. However, it is a destination that has a lot to see and, in many places, you have to pay an entrance, which is not always cheap. In addition, everything is adding up. But there is also an entertaining, fun, cultural and historical London that can be visited without spending a euro or a pound . These are some ideas.


Not all museums in London require paying admission. For example, the Museum of History and the Museum of Science are free. And there are many attractions such as dinosaurs . For example, in the Museum of History, one of the main attractions is the large diplodocus , which is 26 meters high and presides over the entrance hall. An impressive image.

You can also take a tour of the evolution of life on Earth and learn about all the advances and inventions that have been produced over the years and that have been developed by man. In this case, the tour is through the Science Museum.

And, on this tour, you cannot miss the British Museum, where it is possible to take a tour of all the civilizations on Earth through the different collections of antiques and objects, which is unique in the world. A must see deserves everything related to Ancient Egypt , an area where you can see mummies .

And, for lovers or fans of modern art , the option goes through the Tate Modern , although there are other galleries that are also free, such as the National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery and The Wallace Collection.


Another possibility that London offers is being able to see the sky . Not surprisingly, there is the Royal Greenwich Observatory where you can visit the galleries of the Astronomical Center for free.

In addition, it is also possible to be on the hill on which it is located and which offers very beautiful views because it is located on the banks of the River Thames . It is an ideal location to take in stunning views of London.

And, of course, it is ideal for stargazing. However, you have to be careful because there are some activities that do require payment . Everything is a matter of looking closely.


If London is also known for something, it is for its culture and the great variety of artists who choose this city to forge a career. It is one of the capitals with the most street artists , which are mainly located in the West Piazza in Covent Garden .

In general, the performances are usually in the afternoon and, the truth is that there are very good shows and that, in addition, they tend to bring together a lot of people. It can be a good climax to this day in this area of ​​London.

Street markets

Another highly recommended visit when traveling to London that is free is the Camden flea market , which is in the neighborhood of the same name. It is a whole melting pot of clothing stores, books, food … A very young destination where you can find practically almost everything.

Buckingham Palace

There is no one who goes to London and does not go to Buckingham Palace . Here you can see the changing of the guard for free , which is one of the main attractions, which takes place at the gates of the palace. Of course, you have to take a good place to see something.

Parks and walks

And it is also free to visit Hyde Park with emblematic places such as the Speaker Corner in which there are speakers and characters that can be defined as somewhat eccentric. However, you can tour the entire large park divided by the Serpentine Lake .

And, of course, you can also walk through the main tourist areas of London to see them such as London Bridge, Big Ben, the London Eye or iconic places like Trafalgar Square.