New circuits and routes to discover Tunisia

Tunisia is a very touristy country. Charms are not lacking, although it is true that, perhaps, in recent years the numbers of tourist influx have decreased. The country is ready to once again occupy a leading position in world tourism. And, for this, it has designed new products and routes , which are perhaps that most unknown part of Tunisia. It is another alternative to tour the country, especially if it has already been visited on more than one occasion. But what can be done?

New options

Among the new options that Tunisia has designed to attract the interest of tourists are several tourist or vacation products in which different alternatives are offered.

In them, lesser known parts of the country are introduced. For example, there is a tourist circuit around the Wine Routes . The Andalusian circuit is also new, as well as visits with outdoor activities for, for example, running marathons, practicing running or participating in rallies.

Added to all this are the hiking routes and all those cultural ones , which are already more popular because they include sites that are listed as World Heritage Sites. But let’s get into the news more fully.


The wine

Wine is a product that has a long history in Tunisia. However, it is not a drink that is mainly associated with this country. The first references are in the Carthaginian agronomist Magón , who is considered the father of viticulture.

This circuit, which has been organized around his figure and name, allows to know all the culture around the vine and wine in this country, as well as all the richness of the historical heritage that surrounds them. A proposal that is complemented by the gastronomic traditions of Tunisia.

The tour thus takes the tourist to visit the museum and an archaeological zone in which pieces of Roman mosaics still remain, representing themes related to the culture of vine and wine.

The route is also a good time to see wineries and taste the best Tunisian wines through tastings that are organized with oenologists or experts to publicize the particularities of this product.


And another of the main tourist novelties are the hiking routes , which pass through the Dahar massif and the desert dunes. The first of these tours focuses on this massif, which is located in the Berber region and which is quite unknown because it is not common to visit it.

In this area, you can see Béni Khédéche , which is a Berber mountain village that is well worth a visit, as well as Zamour , which is better known. The route in turn leads to lunar landscapes . And everything is completed with the possibility of sleeping under the light of the stars, but in troglodyte houses .


For those who are more adventurous, one option is all the routes that offer the possibility of doing activities. Some proposals are the Olivos de Sfax marathon , as well as the Cartago (Comar) marathon . Within the trial category, the Ultra Trail El Djerid 100 km stands out, which takes place in the Tozeur desert (Ong Jemal) in October.

Thematic circuits

Tunisia still offers new proposals such as thematic circuits . Among them, there are those related to the cinema to see the scenarios in which films such as ‘Star Wars’ have been shot. Another good option is to visit the places where the Chechia , the traditional Tunisian red hat, is made.

However, the proposals also allow tourists to enter the route of the Roman granaries , as well as the Andalusian legacy and the monuments that are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.