Cities to visit at least once in your life

The planet Earth is full of interesting corners that are worth knowing but, unfortunately, life does not give to see them all. Therefore, when planning a trip we must always choose those places that we really want to know.

Today at Vuela Viajes we wanted to make a selection of the cities in the world that every travel lover should visit at least once in their life. Logically, we have left some in the pipeline, but we assure you that the places that we show you below are not wasted. Would you like to join us?

New York, USA

New York
How could it be otherwise, let’s start by talking about New York, one of the most visited cities on the planet. And the truth is that it is no wonder, since its attractions are numerous: Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the neighborhood of SoHo, Broadway musicals, MoMA …

London England

In Europe we can find a lot of cities that are worth visiting. One of them is London, which fascinates travelers for its cosmopolitan character. Just walking through its streets you will notice the special atmosphere that is breathed here, although there are many things to see in the English capital: Big Ben, the Changing of the Guard, the wax museum, the London Eye …

Paris France

Another European city that you should visit at least once in your life is Paris. And it is that the City of Love is not only perfect for lovers, but it is the ideal destination for lovers of art and culture. The Eiffel Tower, crossings along the Seine, Notre Dame, Place de la Bastille, the Louvre Museum or the Montmartre district are just some of the many attractions of the French capital.

Rome Italy

We are still in Europe, in this case to tell you about Rome, which in addition to housing more than 900 churches, offers everything a lover of history, architecture and art could wish for. Of the many tourist spots in the Eternal City, the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Square stand out.

Marrakech, Morocco

In another continent, although very close to our country, there is another city that is worth visiting. We are talking about Marrakech, a destination completely different from the rest, where you will enjoy a unique sensory experience, since the colors, flavors and smells will have nothing to do with those you have seen in other corners of the world.

Istanbul, Turkey

Capital of three empires throughout its history (Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman), Istanbul is a city full of contrasts, in which Western and Asian mix in a magical way. Beyond its impressive natural landscapes, here you can discover spectacular monuments and buildings, such as Santa Sofia, the Blue Mosque or the Topkapi Palace.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio de Janeiro
We crossed the pond to talk to you about Rio de Janeiro, a city guarded by the famous Christ the Redeemer that offers spectacular beaches , lush hills, super modern neighborhoods, a beautiful colonial architecture, a lot of nightlife, the best carnival in the world … In short, it is about of a destination of marked contrasts that will amaze any traveler.

Petra, Jordan

Nor could Petra be missing from this list, a city that, rather than astonishes, astonishes. Considered the eighth wonder of the world, this ancient Nabatean city is built on impossible gorges and in it you can discover incredible temples, tombs and monasteries.

Prague, czech republic

Another European city that cannot be missed on this list is Prague, which will allow you to enter a kind of fairy tale , since the one known as the Golden City offers a marked medieval atmosphere with an important historical and cultural heritage.

Granada, Spain

We are going to finish our tour of the cities that you should visit once in your life in Spain. We already know that there are many places that are worth visiting in our country, but if we had to stay with one, it would possibly be Granada, which has many more attractions than its spectacular Alhambra.