The cheapest and most expensive cities in Mexico

One of the countries in the world that I find most attractive is Mexico , with an excellent combination of history, culture, cities and beaches that makes it a fantastic destination whatever the type of tourism you like to do. Now that we are in times of crisis and we have to look at everything we spend to the penny, we have to analyze a lot all the places we want to travel to in order to do so while spending the least.

The first thing to do when organizing a trip is to take into account the budget , and based on that, look for destinations that adapt to it to be able to enjoy each trip much more. If we are short of money and the destination is expensive, instead of an idyllic vacation it will be torture since we will not be able to buy what we want or do the activities that we want. That is why today I would like to talk about the most expensive and cheapest cities in Mexico , take note and so you can prepare your trip much better:

Monterrey : It is the most expensive city in the entire country but also one of the most developed in every way. The standard of living there is very high so you will need a large budget to be able to spend a few days there. Mexico City and Tijuana are the next two on the list of cities.
Los Cabos : It is the most expensive city of all tourist attractions, closely followed by Cancun. The good thing about tourist areas is that although they are expensive as they are usually "All Inclusive", you will not spend much there, although the subject of excursions and activities is more expensive in these two than in the rest of the country.

Tlaxcala : It is the cheapest city and also one of the most attractive, with a spectacular cultural heritage. It is not very big but it has a lot of charm and you will find practically all kinds of services. Excursions at a good price and many things to do both there and in its surroundings. Other of the cheapest are Durango and Pachuca.

In the most touristy areas such as Cancun , Calica or Playa del Carmen, the important thing is to take into account the season since if you go in low season you will get better prices than during high season. You can also save a lot on accommodation, since deep down all the complexes are good and there is no reason to go to the most luxurious.