Route through the Liébana Valley to enjoy nature and history

The Liébana Valley is an ideal destination to live a stay surrounded by nature and an unparalleled place where it is possible to enjoy the natural environment, as well as the towns located in its vicinity, which are rich in history and architecture . And, of course, you cannot miss the rich gastronomy . A set of options that makes this valley a perfect destination for any tourist.


The Liébana Valley, located in Cantabria , is home to a route of pre-Romanesque churches . Just before its entrance, you can already see the first of them. It is the Mozarabic church of Santa María de Lebeña , dating from the 10th century.

The route continues towards Potes , from where you have to travel about three kilometers to reach the secluded monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana, which bears the mark of its abbot: the Beato de Liébana. In addition, there is the relic of the cross of Jesus Christ , the Lignum Crucis.

The historical and artistic attractions of the Liébana Valley do not end here. In Potes, you can see bridges and towers . Not surprisingly, it is known as the town of bridges and towers, which are in the middle of the valley.

It is an area where you have to walk through its streets not only to enjoy them, but also to get to know its gastronomy. Among the most typical products are the Lebeña and Aliva cheeses . Another option is to taste a good lebaniego stew . And, to drink, you should not leave without tasting the marc of the earth.


To enjoy nature, a good route is Fuente Dé , which is at the foot of the river Deva , in the middle of the mountain. A good choice is to take the cable car in Puente Dé to go up to the Mirador del Cable . From there you can see a landscape that is unique among mountains of cliffs, ridges and valleys.