Canary Islands: the most secret places to live a different experience in the archipelago

Canary Islands
The Canary Islands is one of the destinations that is usually visited more than once to get to know all the islands and the different corners and charms in each of them. It is usual that you always start with the most touristy and well-known. But any of its islands have lesser-known , practically secret places that allow visitors to live a different experience , especially when it is not the first tour that is done. Which are? Here are some suggestions for some of its main islands: Tenerife , Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.


Within the Canary Islands, Tenerife is one of the most touristy. And this will be the first stop to go to the Montaña Amarilla beach , in San Miguel de Abona, which is in the south of the islands and which takes its name from this environment in which the beach is next to the Montaña Amarilla, which is named for its unique composition .

In it, you have to look at its rock formations created by the waves and the transparent water of the beach, which has no sand. In addition, on the beach, a solarium with direct access to the sea has been excavated.

Without leaving Tenerife, another alternative is the Cueva del Tancón , which is a natural pool inside a cave located in Puerto Santiago. It is impressive to see the natural pools and coves and make a descent through the rocks to a cave, which is considered one of the best maritime-type in the Canary Islands. Nor should you miss the scene of light that filters through the balmy walls and transparent waters .

Canary Islands
And from this cave to another cave. In this case to La del Viento , where the longest volcanic tunnel in Europe is located, which was formed after a volcanic eruption. For those who still prefer water, other destinations are Charco de La Laja and Charlo del Viento , which are defined as two “volcanic whims” in the form of a natural pool.

Another place to go in Tenerife is the Mirador de Aguaide , which is a 500-meter-high balcony over the Atlantic from which you can see Punta del Hidalgo and Roque de los Hermanos , apart from seeing the infinite horizon of the sea.


Within Fuerteventura, there are also different options. One of them is Isla de Lobos, which is almost virgin and has limited visits. In it, there is the beach of Las Conchas , also called La Caleta , with its crystal clear waters and golden sand. From there, you can see Fuerteventura and the Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo .

Another alternative is the Betancuria area, where there are natural pools – called Aguas Verdes -, which form when the tide goes out. And, of course, you shouldn’t miss the trails to get to know the Betancuria Rural Park or the Tindaya Mountain.

Gran canaria

Within this island, the least frequented places – perhaps the most unknown – with the Güigüi beach in Aldea de San Nicolás, which is within the Special Natural Reserve of Güigüi . It is a place to enjoy lonely beaches and cliffs .

This island is not lacking in natural pools. Notable, for example, Los Charcones , in Arucas, which is one of the largest, as well as the Charco de San Lorenzo . To these proposals are added the Roque Prieto pools, which have different depths, as well as the Salinas de Agaete which can be accessed from the port. In the latter case, these are pools –there are three-, which are highly protected and are connected by volcanic tubes .

There are some options in these islands, which still have many more attractions and points of interest to live a unique experience in the environment so characteristic of the Canary Islands.