10 places you can’t miss if you visit Vancouver

Located on the shores of the Pacific, the city of Vancouver is one of the most famous cities in Canada , which is why, if you plan to travel to this North American country, you will be interested in knowing what to see in Vancouver.

Every year, thousands of people from all over the world come to the city for various reasons. Some of them are its innumerable tourist attractions and the fantastic activities it is possible to carry out, other compelling reasons are the great opportunities to take an English course in Canada

Language courses in Vancouver are life experiences that attract students from all continents. People of all ages , professions and levels come to Canada with the purpose of learning or perfecting their command of the English language.

10 places you can’t miss if you visit Vancouver

This is our TOP selection of activities and places of great attraction and beauty in the city:

1- Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the largest urban park in Canada in its entirety. It has two huge lakes and several kilometers of paths and natural trails perfect for cycling, rollerblading or on foot while you are fascinated by the wonderful views of the bay. In this place you will be able to appreciate several replicas of traditional figures (totems) of the peoples that inhabited this place before the arrival of the first settlers, several centuries ago.

2- Vancouver Lookout

From its 170 meters high you have a 360 ° view, so ascending to the observation deck of this building in downtown Vancouver is a milestone for any tourist arriving in the city. On days when the sky is clearer, you can also see Vancouver Island and Mount Baker in the United States. The cost of entry is around C $ 18 and you can enter the building as many times as you like during the twenty-four hours of validity of the pass.

3- Grandville Island

This is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. With a quite relaxed and bohemian atmosphere, and with a varied offer of restaurants, bars, cafes and markets where you can sit and rest and have a good time with someone special. It is highly recommended to arrive by public transport to visit the place by bicycle and better admire its beauty.

4- Cathedral of the Holy Rosary

This beautiful cathedral, in French Gothic style ; It is one of the must see places in Vancouver. It is a quiet destination that you can visit with your family or partner. Its location is in the metropolitan center of Vancouver and is surrounded by modernist buildings. It was inaugurated in 1900 and is a representation of the Christian faith of this multicultural city.


5- Chinese Garden in Chinatown

Vancouver’s Chinatown is a clear example of its intercultural character, something we just discussed in the previous point. It is located in the center of the city and has attractions such as the Chinese Garden, which is a beautiful traditional scene of Asian architecture. If you are in Canada during December and January you can attend the celebration of the Chinese Festival, an event full of color and culture, something you cannot miss.

6- English Bay

This bay is located between downtown Vancouver and the Strait of Georgia. It attracts visitors with its beautiful beaches and the Celebration of Light festival, held there annually. At English Bay Beach you can visit the Inukshuk monument , which is an emblem of the Inuit people of Canada, one of the oldest known Eskimo tribes.

7- Vancouver Art Gallery

This modern art museum is located in a neoclassical building that was once the provincial court of the city of Vancouver. It has permanent collections and traveling exhibitions of the best of modernist art from around the world, making it a great option to soak up the culture.

8- Gastown

Gastown is a taste of the Vancouver of years ago. Its architecture is classical and is made up of buildings no more than four stories high and wide sidewalks full of vegetation. You can come across a large number of charming little cafes, workshops and warehouses.

9- The Capilano Suspension Bridge

Imagine walking above the tops of the largest, greenest, and loudest trees you have ever seen. Well, you can do this on the Capilano suspension bridge . This place is located to the north of the city and it is recommended to go during the week to avoid the crowds on the weekends. It is an ideal place for lovers of nature and adventure.

10- Grouse Mountain

If you are in the city in winter time, it is a place that you cannot miss, since there you can find a fantastic ski station there. It is only half an hour from the city and has wonderful views of Vancouver and a natural setting that will remain in your memory as a Christmas postcard.

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