Alternative proposals to travel around La Palma and Lanzarote

Any island in the Canary Islands has great beauty. La Palma is considered one of the most beautiful – it is not in vain called ‘Isla Bonita’ -, as is Lanzarote for its characteristic landscape. They are two destinations that are among the most visited in Spain and worldwide. Facing the most touristy routes, both islands are home to many charms , some of which are unknown . Visiting and touring them is a different way to enjoy these islands.

The Palm

Within La Palma, one of the must-sees is the Caldera de Taburiente National Park . It is an environment in which you can enjoy nature and many ecological treasures, which have led to it being declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is a route that can be done in a different way, looking at how the volcanic lava has reached the sea and a coastline has been created in which tiny coves appear between the cliffs .

You also have to take a bath in the Charco Azul , in San Andrés y Sauces. It is a natural pool of an intense blue color. And, of course, you must not miss strolling through its famous Tilos forest and visiting beaches such as Puntallana , which is ideal to relax between green mountains and cliffs.

The alternative route around the island takes you to visit the Salinas and the Fuencaliente Lighthouse , where you can get to know the flower of salt , which is a well-known gastronomic condiment.



After a first visit to Lanzarote to get to know the most characteristic of the island, you can return to discover places such as Bajo el Risco Beach , which is located in the north. It is a lonely beach of 500 meters in length in which the golden sands and the transparent waters stand out . From there you can see beautiful views such as the Risco de Famara, with its yellowish and reddish tones, and the islets of La Graciosa, Montaña Clara, Alegranza and Roque del Oeste.

Of course, you can go to La Graciosa , which is an island of about 700 inhabitants , little frequented and where there are no paved roads. Do not miss its dunes and lonely beaches through bike routes or walking from the town of Caleta del Sebo.

And, finally, you have to enjoy natural pools such as Los Charcones , near Playa Blanca, and visit the protected landscape of La Geria to learn about vine growing and the production of white wines.