French Polynesia: alternative proposals to disconnect in this paradise

French Polynesia is one of the dream destinations for its beaches and its paradisiacal surroundings , being the main reasons why it is common to choose it. And it is an ideal place to enjoy days of rest, sun and beach, tranquility, relaxing baths … and endless activities. But it is also a destination that can be enjoyed in a different way. Here we tell you some ideas to keep in mind for the next visit or to combine the typical trip with these proposals .


This island is the largest in French Polynesia and is characterized by its mountainous interior with sacred and exuberant valleys and streams with crystal clear waters, as well as impressive waterfalls .

Inside it, you can see black sand beaches due to their volcanic origin , apart from observing magnificent views from the mountains and viewpoints . They are not the only options to explore it. There are also white sand beaches on the west coast, as well as places to practice some activities such as diving or surfing .

Likewise, a visit of interest is the market of the capital Papeete , which is striking for its color. In it, you can buy local products, the most sought after being monoï oil , which comes from copra –a variety of coconut-, and which is made with the Tiaré flower , which belongs to the gardenia family. This oil is considered sacred here and is used to hydrate, nourish, protect and repair the skin and hair. Around this city, there are international hotels with spas, refined restaurants, nightclubs, pearl shops, shops …



The island of Moorea is second in size. It also has volcanic origin , perfectly combining sea and mountains. This destination is characterized in turn by its steep mountains that are lost in the clouds, giving way to a natural landscape of emerald-hued meadows . In turn, the fern forests and waterfalls stand out .

A must-see is the bright blue lagoon of Moorea, as well as the pastel-colored houses , which surround the hibiscus and bird-of-paradise gardens, which make up a kind of necklace of villages.

Other attractions are the fine sand beaches , as well as pineapple plantations or canoe fishing. You should not leave the island without hearing the sound of the ukulele under a purau tree.

Moorea is also an ideal place to dive for the colorful coral reef and the variety of marine fauna. But you should not miss the interior of the island to go trekking , know the steps of Captain Cook and learn about other crops , in addition to pineapple, such as exotic fruits or bananas.

This island is also an exceptional place to enjoy gastronomy with dishes inspired by French cuisine . Fruits and fish stand out. For example, you have to try the fruit of the breadfruit or ‘uru’, as well as the coconut nut, the different varieties of bananas such as the orange male banana, also known as fe’i.

Other products that are recommended to try are tubers such as taro, tarua, ufi or umara. However, the list of foods is very long: papayas, mangoes, watermelons, grapefruits, limes …

And, among the fish , there are those from the lagoon and the sea ​​such as perch, mahi mahi or parrot fish, which are typical in the dishes of this area. Of course, it must be taken into account that they are usually eaten raw or marinated in lime juice or coconut milk .

These are some of the flavors that can be discovered through the tourist circuits that are organized around the island, which even allow you to taste freshly caught fish.