To Sua Ocean Trench, a dreamy natural pool

Our planet hides many treasures and in Vuela Viajes we have already brought you closer to many of them. Today, for example, we want you to discover a dream natural pool. It is To Sua Ocean Trench , a magical place on the island of Upolu, in Samoa, an island nation with incredible tourist places, which is located in the South Pacific Ocean.

With a ladder to descend the thirty meters of unevenness , paradise is at your fingertips. Without a doubt, floating in its crystal clear and turquoise waters surrounded by a spectacular cave is an unforgettable experience. Do you want to discover more about this wonderful place? Well, watch out!


A 30 meter ladder

To Sua Ocean Trench is paradise in the shape of a hole, a hole that encloses a true natural pond of transparent waters, surrounded by the intense green of the vegetation. A 30-meter ladder is installed on the site for visitor access to the crystal clear marine waters.

In the town of Lotofaga

The lake, of natural origin, was formed in a huge hole, a limestone hole, and has an outlet to the sea. It is located in the town of Lotofaga on the south coast of the island of Upolu in Samoa and although you have to pay an entrance fee to get there, a little relaxation in this natural pool seems to be very worth it. The name "To Sua" literally means "giant swimming hole" and is that it is an incredible place to swim or just to watch.


Upoli island

In addition to the natural pond of To Sua Ocean Trench, Upoli Island hides beaches of supreme beauty: white sands; calm, transparent and warm waters; and a plant environment that seems alien to human activity.