Everything you need to know about Sukhothai, the ancient capital of Thailand

If you travel to Thailand you cannot miss the opportunity to know Sukhothai . This beautiful city is part of two provinces within this country, identified as Kamphaeng Phet and Sukhothai, which stood out as the first capital of this ancient kingdom.

Today it is a majestic historical city , considered a World Heritage Site since 1991 and a must if you want to travel as a tourist to this emblematic place.

What should you know about the city of Sukhothai?

Sukhothai has an incredible archaeological site , within which it houses temples dating from the 13th and 14th centuries, which are part of its Historical Park and hold great cultural value for the whole world.

The name of this small town means “ Dawn of Happiness ” and it was an important urban center that gave life to what is Thailand today.

Within its walls there was a golden age that allowed it to achieve a wide growth in arts and letters, establishing Buddhism as its official religion.

Visiting this city will allow you to know to a great extent the history of Thailand , its Historical Park is only 12 km from what is known as the New City.

In this order of ideas, you should know that the ancient city is identified today as the Historic City of Sukhothai, while the current city is what was previously known as The Kingdom of Sukhothai and is at the same time identified as New Sukhothai.

In this park you will find the historical ruins of Thailand, as part of a rectangular complex that has 3.5 square kilometers delimited by a great wall, which is accessed through gates located on each of its sides. So you will have places to visit both inside and outside within this wonderful enclosure.

Visit Sukhothai city

Knowing the city of Sukhothai allows you to appreciate closely all its architectural jewels and immerse yourself in the most interesting elements that identify its history.

With this objective, you need to travel it from one end to the other, both inside and outside its wall. Here are some recommendations on how to organize your visit.

Attractions inside the wall

Inside this wall you can see interesting historical relics such as the following.

Ramkhamhaeng Museum

It is recommended that you start your tour inside this museum that has an interpretation center for everything in the park. It includes objects that have been collected over the years, many of them donated by the inhabitants of the New City themselves.

Its name pays tribute to one of the main rulers during the reign, identified as Ramkhamhaeng , who owes the origin of the Thai script that served as the basis for the settlement of Buddhism in this place. Despite having practiced Hinduism for several centuries, while they were faced with the Khmer occupation by the Japanese.

Wat mahathat

This is the temple of the relic, one of the main ones in this historic center, within which the figure of a seated Buddha stands out and surrounded by four cardinal points highlighted by Khmer-style figures.

During your visit you will have the opportunity to know the sacred legend of Mount Meru , wonderfully represented in the place, where the abode of Buddha in the sky is also contemplated; in addition to other figures of Buddha that guard the entrance to this temple.


Wat Si Hong

It is a temple with allegorical figures from Buddhist mythology, where you will appreciate incredible images of lions that are riding sacred elephants.

Wat Si Siwai

An ancient temple marked by the Khmer influence that is dedicated to Hinduism , for the worship of the god Shiva, so it stands out as unique in its style.

Wat Si Sai

This temple has a Buddhist-style stupa or architecture, similar to those present in Sri Lanka, which has made it frequently visited.

Wat Trapang Thong

The lake temple is located in the center of the complex, surrounded by a beautiful pond full of lotus flowers , with images of Buddha. It is used for the celebration of the Loy Krathong Festival, of wide significance for Sukhothai.

Wat Shapan Hin

This name identifies the temple of the stone bridge, which you will appreciate as part of a hill in the complex, provided with a Buddha statue that has a height of 12 meters, really impressive.

Attractions outside the wall

The outskirts of the wall are part of the areas that you should know in Sukhothai, there you have the option of visiting the following monuments :

Wat Phra Luang

It is an architectural structure within which you will appreciate all the representative sculptures of Buddha , which also have different postures in commemoration of the process in which Sukhothai converted to Buddhism once he freed himself from the Hindu practice of Khmer influence.

Wat Si Chum

In this place you will meet a Buddha figure with more than 15 meters , which provided strength to the warriors during their warlike confrontations.

Take your time and organize yourself so that you can fully know Sukhothai and rent a motorcycle or a tuk tuk. The important thing is that you can move easily through all its ruins, without missing any detail of them; enjoy your visit.