Warm destinations in Spain to enjoy the first days of autumn

When autumn begins, sunny days and vacations are always missed , but it is always good to take a break or enjoy that time of rest because this season is also ideal for traveling. In addition, it is not necessary to go very far because there are destinations within Spain where the temperatures are still pleasant. Here we make some proposals for you to take into account when packing your bags and looking for that ideal destination.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are an ideal destination for all times of the year. And, in autumn and even in winter, it is possible to enjoy a good vacation . In addition, one of its advantages are the flights and the different time slots and connections with which you can enter and leave the island. Although with COVID-19 they have been able to suffer some variations or restrictions, in general, there is usually no problem to fly.

Within the islands, the options are multiple because in each of them there are excellent corners to discover. But, perhaps, one of the destinations that offers the most possibilities is Tenerife .

This island has a good combination of beaches and inland areas of the island to see, as well as excellent hotel complexes that offer a rich and varied gastronomy .

It is an environment in which, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to leave the complex. In addition, now, with telecommuting , many hotels have set up coworking spaces or offer different services focused on work. Thus, you have to be aware of a labor issue, you have the capacity to respond.

Valencian Community

Another good option is the Valencian Community . Whenever this destination is approached, people tend to talk about Benidorm because of the good temperatures that exist throughout the year. But this autonomy still has much more to offer.

Among them are all its Mediterranean beaches , which are characterized by warm waters and which now also have the advantage of being less crowded than in summer.

It is also easy to get to from many parts of Spain or via Madrid, which makes this community an ideal destination to also make short trips . If you have more time, both coastal and inland towns are well worth a visit. You just have to take the map and set the route.