Three towns in Spain to escape this fall

Fall is a time of year that is ideal for traveling . And, although work is already underway, it is well possible to make breaks or enjoy the festive bridges of the calendar to take a walk. It is not necessary to go very far because Spain offers many possibilities. In fact, autumn is an ideal time to visit the different towns that exist in the national territory and that have great beauty. From North to South or from East to West, you just have to choose the direction and set course for destinations that allow you to disconnect, be in contact with the natural environment, enjoy traditions and a rich gastronomy. Everything is possible in Spanish municipalities. And, if you don’t know where to start, here is a small selection with three proposals that will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, through them, we travel the country from North to South on this occasion.


There is no doubt about the beauty of the landscapes of Northern Spain or its municipalities. The choice is not easy, but we are going to stay on this route with Lastres, a town in the community of Asturias that, in 2010, was named as an Exemplary Town of Asturias .

This municipality is a small fishing village , which is settled between the sea and the mountains in which traditions are preserved. They are not the only charms it has. Its architecture is also quite characteristic. A good walk allows you to see its narrow and narrow streets in which the cobblestones stand out .

In the houses, you have to look at their balconies and, of course, you should not lose sight of a good panoramic view of this town, which is between the sea and the mountains . The route also takes us to its shabby port , which is one of the most photographed scenes by tourists due to the boats in it.

And, for those who are very fond of the series , they will really enjoy the Lastres tour. This municipality was the setting where the series ‘Doctor Mateo’ was filmed . It is still possible to see the different sites where the images of this fiction were recorded.

Way south

From Lastres, we continue the road to the South of Spain, but making a stop in Zamora because Puebla de Sanabria is located here. A town between Galicia and Portugal, which is well worth a good visit.

This town has always been one of the main tourist attraction points -although it has fallen with the passage of the highway-, which takes us back to the Middle Ages. This municipality has a medieval historic center that is very well preserved and that was declared a Historic-Artistic Site .

The visit takes us to see the Castle of the Counts of Benavente , which was built on a full medieval fortress in the mid-15th century by Rodrigo Alonso Pimentel, the IV Count of Benavente.

Other monuments of interest are the Church of Santa María del Azogue , Romanesque in style and built in the 12th century although it has undergone subsequent modifications, and the building that houses the town hall .


And, finally, after this stop, you start your way to the South of Spain until you reach Cádiz . In this Andalusian land, it is recommended to visit Zahara . A municipality that is in the Natural Park of the Sierra de Grazalema, being an enclave from which excellent views can be observed.

This municipality has great beauty. Not in vain in 1983 it was declared a Historic Artistic Site . Among the main elements that attract attention are the hillside, the balconies with many flowers and the viewpoints . Besides, you should not miss the typical constructions of the Cadiz mountains with the two-story houses with irregular walls and wide whitewashed facades.