Michelin star restaurants in Cantabria

Thanks to its privileged geographical situation, the autonomous community of Cantabria is influenced by an exceptional natural environment, in which landscapes and ecosystems mix to house some gastronomic raw materials that they would most like to have in many corners of the world: fine fish, delicate seafood, salmon, plywood trout, meats with an exquisite flavor, fruits, vegetables … For this reason, here you can find one of the richest gastronomies in the country.

Despite being one of the smallest communities in Spain, Cantabria has a total of seven Michelin stars distributed among five restaurants. Would you like to discover them? Well, all you have to do is join us!


First of all, we want to talk about the Annua restaurant, which this year has been awarded two Michelin stars. Located in the Bay of San Vicente de la Barquera, the restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful coastal setting, offering impressive views. Without a doubt, it is a perfect enclave to enjoy the culinary dreams of chef Óscar Calleja and his team of professionals.

Annua offers two menus , Gastronomic and Experiencie, both made with seasonal products. Of course, the two vary continuously. In addition, you should know that they can be ordered harmonized.

The Rowan

We also want to talk about El Serbal, which is located in Puertochico, a central Santander neighborhood. How could it be otherwise, the cuisine of this restaurant is served from Cantabrian products. Of course, they offer creative dishes, although without forgetting the usual flavors.

Its most emblematic dishes are the steak tartare and flambé, although you should not leave aside its artisan breads, its international cheeses, its coffee carts … Thanks to its cuisine and its atmosphere, El Serbal has worn the Michelin star on its facade since 2003.

La Solana

La Solana restaurant, which can also boast a Michelin star, is in a privileged location. It is located in front of the Sanctuary of the Virgen Bien Aparecida, which gives the town its name and is declared a place of national tourist interest. Just 9 minutes away is La Salvé, one of the best beaches in Cantabria. In addition, the municipality of Ampuero, famous for its patron saint festivities, is located 5 kilometers away.

Although it began its journey as a food house, with the third generation it was transformed into the magnificent establishment that it is today, that is, a restaurant overlooking the valley that offers traditional Cantabrian cuisine.

Arbor of Amos

We must also talk about El Cenador de Amós, a beautiful restaurant located in Villaverde de Pontones. Housed in a 20th century mansion, the restaurant has been open since 1993. Its chef, Jesús Sánchez, has achieved two Michelin stars thanks to his personal cuisine and close to the market.

Using the best products from Cantabria, the chef offers tradition , quality, creativity and technique. Dishes such as the mountain meat, the free-range chicken with artichokes, the cod fillet poached with leeks and the apple cannelloni, among many other dishes, stand out.

The New Mill

Finally, we must talk about El Nuevo Molino, which is located in what in the 18th century was a water mill fed by the Pas river. The restaurant offers a quarterly menu that is based on current and market products. Of course, they are made without losing their essence.

Without a doubt, one of the best things about this restaurant is its garden, which houses a chapel converted into a Hennessy space, where the customer can find a varied menu of liqueurs and cigars. In addition, it has a winery with more than 300 references.