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spectacular view restaurant
When someone chooses a restaurant for the first time, they may do so on the recommendation of their friends or family. Word of mouth continues to work, as do web pages where you can read the comments of other people who have visited the restaurant in question. It is always good to know what others who have already been there think.

What is valued the most is the quality of the food, but the service also matters. In fact, we are concerned about details such as decoration, cleanliness or the atmosphere that is breathed in the establishment.

In that sense, I have to say that a restaurant can also conquer us for its views . They are usually closed premises that do not allow us to see further, but there are exceptions. Below you will see a compilation of restaurants with spectacular views that are spread all over the world. If you have visited or are going to visit any of them, do not hesitate to leave a comment telling us your experience.

Dasheene (Saint Lucia)

Located on the beautiful island of Santa Lucia, in the Caribbean Sea, we could say that it is one of the most striking restaurants on the planet thanks to its terrace. While you eat or have dinner you can enjoy privileged views of the Pitons mountains . It’s romantic, elegant, and expensive, but it’s worth the first-person experience. You will breathe fresh air while you taste the dishes available on the menu.

Grotta Palazzese (Puglia, Italy)

Grotta Palazzese
We go to beautiful Italy to sit down to eat at the Grotta Palazzese, a luxury hotel restaurant that allows you to savor the best of the Mediterranean diet while your eyes are fixed on the Adriatic Sea . It’s romantic at best, a perfect place to ask for a marriage and get a "yes" for an answer. From May to October you can access the living room that is inside a cave, while in the rest of the months of the year, they have enabled a room with large windows so you can eat as if you were on a boat.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Rangali, Maldives)

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant
Like the hotel it belongs to, it is one of the most special on this list. It is because nobody usually eats fish, sharks, blankets, etc. It is the first underwater glass restaurant in the world, since it is located 16 meters below sea level. The dishes served are contemporary European cuisine, but that’s what matters the least when you enjoy 180 degree panoramic views that allow you to see the beautiful coral gardens that surround this restaurant located in the Maldives.

Elements (Scottsdale, United States)

Elements Scottsdale
The Elements, located in Paradise Valley, offers you a privileged view of Camelback Mountain . All this without forgetting how important it is to have such a careful menu that it offers several options for vegetarians and people who cannot eat gluten-containing products. Its cuisine is state-of-the-art and it is not difficult to find organic food, hormone-free meats or fish that have been responsibly caught.

Below you can see a video that will motivate you to visit it.

Torre d’Alta Mar (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

Torre dAlta Mar
It is located at the top of the Barcelona Port Vell Cable Car tower. That, as you can imagine, allows you to see some of the most emblematic areas of Barcelona. It was designed by Carles Buigas and built in 1929 for the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona. It is an avant-garde design space that allows you to taste the best dishes of traditional Mediterranean cuisine at 75 meters above sea level.

As you will see in the following time-lapse video, it is worth going at least once in your life, although the prices are not very affordable (let’s say the cheapest menu costs 39 euros).

Le Panoramic (Chamonix, France)

Le Panoramic
It is open so you can have breakfast, lunch and lunch like you have never done before. From Le Panoramic you have unbeatable views of Mont Blanc , the highest mountain in the European Union, which in Europe is only surpassed by some found in Russia and Georgia, such as Elbrus. You can appreciate all its immensity (4,810 meters high) and it will not cost you much to reach it. It is at the top of Bréventy you can access by cable car. They offer Savoyarde food, pasta, soups, meat and even foie gras. Also, you can reserve a table in advance.

Le Grand Canyon du Verdon (Aiguines, France)

Grand Canyon du Verdon
We do not leave France to go to a hotel whose restaurant is like a movie. It is not because of the food they serve, but because of the panoramic views of Le Grand Canyon du Verdon, which with the Verdon River included, whose waters are turquoise, becomes a must for all tourists who visit. They move through the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. You can access a menu from 24 euros, the dish of the day for 12 euros or opt for the menu, whose prices range between 11 and 26 euros. The truth is that it is not bad at all.

Piz Gloria (Mürren, Switzerland)

Piz Gloria
This unusual restaurant is located at the top of the Schilthorn , very close to Mürren. That means it is at a height of 2,970 meters, enough to enjoy privileged views from the upper deck, which is fully glazed with aluminum panels and wood paneling. It was built in 1969 (Konrad Wolf was the architect who made it possible) and it became the first revolving restaurant in the world, since thanks to solar energy it is able to rotate completely around the 12-meter knot every hour.

To access the restaurant you have to get on a cable car . It is worth doing, because from the top there are views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains, as well as the Black Forest and Mont Blanc.

El Farallón (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

The Farallon
It is one of the most popular in Mexico. It is located on the cliffs of Capella Pedregal and emulates a coastal seafood shop that managed to survive terrible storms. It is a perfect place to dine as a couple or with friends, since you can enjoy unforgettable sunsets with the waves crashing against the shore.

The menu is dominated by fish and seafood, something quite logical considering its location (Cabo San Lucas). In fact, it is the local fishermen who are in charge of bringing the fresh fish every day. The restaurant belongs to a spectacular five-star hotel called Capella Pedregal, where you can also opt for other dining rooms to fill your stomach.

Different Pointe of View (Phoenix, United States)

Different Pointe of View
It is another one that could not be missing from this list. The reasons tend to jump out. From any point you can enjoy a privileged view of the desert landscape of the valley, the mountains of North Phoenix or the twinkling lights of the city. Contemplating a colorful sunset while tasting their dishes is priceless. Those who have organized romantic dinners and elegant events for which you have to have a good budget know this. The flavors of the place and the 31 years of experience that endorse them reassure anyone who is willing to shell out a large sum of money to eat at the Different Pointe of View, which is open every day except Monday and Sunday.

Andronis (Santorini, Greece)

Located in the Andronis Boutique Hotel , this restaurant is undoubtedly one of the most special in Santorini. In more than one you can find spectacular views, but in Andronis there is something more. There is exclusivity and you can find the relaxation you were looking for while your palate tastes the best dishes of Greek cuisine, which as you know is one of those that has most influenced Mediterranean cuisine. And not only that, but there is a great variety of homemade culinary options made with fresh products.

Crater Lodge (Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania)

Crater Lodge
If you decide to travel to Africa , specifically the north of Tanzania, you should let yourself be seen by the Crated Lodge. It is a unique establishment in the world, since it allows you to eat while viewing the crater as you have never imagined before. It is the largest intact volcano in the world (2,400 meters high) and there are those who say that before it erupted it was the highest peak on the continent, even above Kilimanjaro, which is very close to the hotel.

You can also relax and disconnect, and you can even watch the Massai with their cattle. And as if that were not enough, it is one of the most recommended places to see leopards , which are the fastest land animals in the world.

Sydney Tower Buffet (Sydney, Australia)

Sydney Tower Buffet
In a modern city like Sydney, we can have lunch or dinner with fantastic views . It is located in the 309 meter high Sydney Tower, which makes it the second tallest tower in the southern hemisphere, second only to another in Auckland.

The Sydney Tower Buffet is the perfect all-you-can-eat buffet. There are more than forty different dishes that have been made with fresh products, and the best of all is the variety. There’s a mix of Australian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai food, so it’s easy to get it right. The atmosphere is relaxed and the dining experience is unforgettable thanks to the revolving views of the city.

Fangweng (Yichang, China)

It is one of the strangest on the list. It is located in a famous cave , something that reminds us a lot of the concept of the Grotta Palazzese that I told you about earlier. However, the big difference is that in this case it is fully integrated with the mountain, giving the feeling that it could collapse at any moment. That is why some identify it as the hanging restaurant.

It overlooks the Yangtze River on one side and the truth is that it gives a bit of respect , but it is nonetheless very attractive due to its traditional character.

Panorama Alm (Mauterndorf, Austria)

Panorama Alm
Mountains, mountains and more mountains. That’s what awaits you at the only Austrian restaurant on this list. It is located 1,650 meters high on a mountain called Kohlmais . The views it offers are to the mountains and a town called Saalbach-Hinterglemm. The terrace is simply spectacular. The dishes they serve are from traditional cuisine, made with products that come precisely from Saalbach-Hinterglemm

Pierchic (Dubai, UAE)

It is difficult to find a restaurant that offers you so many incentives. It has been awarded on more than one occasion and is currently undergoing renovations. Its reopening is scheduled between June 1 and September 30, when they will reinforce that idea that the Pierchic is one of the most picturesque places in Dubai. It will be a more sophisticated one and we will be able to find a new menu that adapts to the palate of its guests, who are usually very demanding tourists. As you can see in the image, a few meters away is the Burj Al Arab, a luxury hotel with 321 meters high that is located on an artificial island.

Topaz (Istanbul, Turkey)

In a city as beautiful as Istanbul, you can dine in a restaurant like Topaz, with unbeatable views of the Bosphorus , which is the strait that separates Europe and Asia. It has been dubbed "the jewel of Istanbul" and is ideal for both lunch and dinner every day. It also has a bar and lounge area to relax with an aperitif before dinner or a cocktail to end the day.

It was inaugurated on November 10, 2007 and since then they have been preparing Mediterranean and Ottoman dishes. Its exact location must be found in the Gümüşsuyu neighborhood.

Hutong (London, England)

The Hutong is located on the 33rd floor of The Shard , a 308-meter-high skyscraper that was the tallest in the European Union until 2012, when Moscow’s Mercury City Tower surpassed it with 339 meters.

The cuisine they serve comes from the north of China, but that’s the least you should worry about. Its main attraction is in the views of London it offers, almost as good as those you can enjoy from the famous London Eye. The restaurant is inspired by another very similar one in Hong Kong . A full menu can cost you £ 68 per person.

Sky Restaurant 634 (Tokyo, Japan)

Sky Restaurant 634
Its 345 meters high allow you to enjoy a dinner out of the ordinary. It is the Japanese restaurant with the best views, since during the day you can see Mount Fuji , and at night you can enjoy the hundreds of lights that are part of the landscape of the city.

At the gastronomic level, they tell us about "The cuisine of Tokyo". They mix seasonal vegetables with local foods. They use the French mixing technique and Japanese taste to finish giving it an Edo touch.

Al Mahara (Dubai, UAE)

To the mahara
Would you like to eat surrounded by huge fish tanks ? At the Al Mahara restaurant in Dubai you can. It is capable of stimulating all your senses so that you not only enjoy the dishes that are on the menu.

They boast fresh seafood and a very extensive wine list. But the main attraction is in what surrounds you. The glass surfaces allow you to enjoy a magical evening, as if you were in a submarine savoring what its award-winning chefs prepare for you. Of course, the experience is not as spectacular as that experienced at the Dashenee, which is the first restaurant on this list.

Maiden’s Tower (Istanbul, Turkey)

Maidens Tower
I have to admit that I have a special weakness for this restaurant, which like Topaz is also located in Istanbul. In this case, it does not stand out for its height, but for its location. It is located in the Maiden’s Tower , also known as Leander’s Tower ("Tower of Leandros"). It dates from the medieval Byzantine period (2,500 years ago), when the tower was built on a small islet at the southern entrance to the Bosphorus Strait, 200 meters off the coast of Üsküdar.

Formerly it was used as a watchtower to control the enemy fleet. It later became a beacon and is now one of the most popular restaurants in Turkey. It is because it offers a romantic atmosphere that is ideal to ask for a marriage , but also because of the magnificent views of the city, which, as you surely already know, became the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman capital.

You can get to the restaurant using one of the private boats that make several trips a day.

Ristorante La Sponda (Positano, Italy)

Ristorante La Sponda
Four hundred candles are responsible for creating a special atmosphere at night. The cuisine is based on fresh and local ingredients, and of course it is inspired by Mediterranean gastronomy . Located in Positano, in the Campania region, Ristorante La Sponda seduces its guests with its spectacular terrace, full of lemon trees and flowers that mix to give off an unmistakable aroma.

The sea views do the rest. You can enjoy them from 12:30 to 18:00. In the Champagne & Oyster Bar, oysters, shellfish, raw fish and other delicacies are served with music chosen by Dj Alfonso playing in the background. It is open from mid-May to mid-October. When they are not those dates, you eat and dine in the room that you can see in the image above these lines, no less attractive and with views that are not bad either.

The Rock (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

The Rock Zanzibar
A beach with crystal clear waters and a rock form the perfect set to give birth to a restaurant that all tourists who travel to Zanzibar, a small island located in eastern Tanzania, want to visit. The setting is idyllic because you meet the gods of the kitchen and Mother Nature. We don’t know how the food is at The Rock, but I am convinced that it is worth going there to take a dip at Michanwi Pingwe Beach before filling your stomach.

At.mosphere (Dubai, UAE)

Atmosphere Dubai
It is located in the largest building in the world, so that already gives us an idea of ​​the views that we can enjoy from the At.mosphere. It measures 1,020 square meters and is located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa , which is the tallest building of all thanks to its impressive 828 meters high.

The restaurant is located at 422 meters high , which is more than half. From there you can see the entire silhouette that the Arabian Gulf draws while you put the best food in Dubai in your mouth. It is open for lunch from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm, and the minimum price to pay is 650 AED per person, which at the current exchange rate is 130 euros. In the afternoon it is open from 6:30 p.m. and closes at 11 p.m. In that case, dinner costs you a minimum of AED 900, which is about 180 euros per beard in exchange. That means it is the most expensive on this list. For lunch or dinner, it is essential to book in advance.

Below you can see a video of the celebration of the first anniversary of the At.mosphere.

Altitude Restaurant (Sydney, Australia)

Altitude at Shangri-La
Luxury, delicacy, magic, intimacy… and breathtaking views of Sydney. The Altitude Restaurant, located in the Shangri-La Hotel , is one of the jewels of Australia’s most important city. Its huge windows allow you to see the port while you taste the best dishes of the local gastronomy. In addition, you can reserve a private dining room for up to 18 people, perfect for celebrating any important family event.

It is located on the 36th floor of the hotel and is open every day from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. with the exception of Sundays and public holidays. You can not smoke and the dress code is " smart casual ", so you can not wear cut trousers and flip flops as if you were coming from the beach.

Nautika (Dubrovnik, Croatia)

The last of the restaurants on this list takes us to Dubrovnik, one of the most touristic cities in Croatia. There is the Nautika, on the seafront next to the west entrance of the old town of the coastal town. Its terraces, with an exceptional view of the Adriatic Sea , are its main attraction. Mario Bunda , the restaurant’s chef, does everything possible to ensure that his cuisine is in line with what his customers see while they eat, so he offers lobster from the Dalmatian island of Vis and other delicacies from the sea. As you can read on the hotel’s official website, they provide a mixture of tradition, creativity and quality, an innovative and refined style of typical Mediterranean cuisine.

Which restaurant would you choose if you had to choose? Leave us your comment and share the article with your friends if you found it interesting.

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