Views from the Burj Al Arab hotel

Hotel Burj Al Arab
The Burj Al Arab hotel , located in Dubai , is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, if not the most luxurious of all that have been built to date. It was inaugurated in 1999 and is located on an artificial island that is 270 meters from the beach of the Persian Gulf.

It is the only 7 stars in the world and it does not accumulate so many stars by chance. Its 321 meters high allow it to be the third tallest in the world, only surpassed by the Rose Rotana Hotel in Dubai (333 meters) and the Ryugyong Hotel (330 meters). But the best of all is what we can find inside, since all the rooms have been decorated with warm tones, luxurious fabrics and spectacular views of the Persian Gulf.

I want to talk to you about the latter below. Specifically, I will show you the views from various areas of the hotel, such as The Sky View Bar, the Al Muntaha restaurant, the gym or the pools. It is one of its main attractions , so do not tire of exploiting it through its official website. It is a pity that spending a night at the Burj Al Arab is not especially cheap, since for less than 1,000 euros you will not be able to stay in a double room. And no, don’t look for a promotion on Groupalia or Let’s Bonus because there isn’t one.

Views from The Sky View Bar

It is the best possible place to have a snack, a drink or a tea. Of course, you have to comply with the stipulated dress code , currently defined as "casual chic." Men should wear a dress shirt, long pants or jeans, and closed-toe shoes. You cannot wear slippers or flip flops. Ladies more of the same: suit, dress (which can be long or short) or skirt. You can even wear the national dress of the United Arab Emirates. Quite a detail …

It is located on the 27th floor and you must be at least 21 years old to access it. Once inside, and taking into account that the online reservation can be for a maximum of six people, you can enjoy some fantastic cocktails about 200 meters above sea level. The views are oriented towards the coast and the city.

Burj Al Arab Hotel views bar

Burj Al Arab Hotel views breakfast

Burj Al Arab Hotel views Sky Bar

Views from the gym

As it could not be otherwise, being the only 7-star hotel in the world, we can also enjoy a fantastic gym with views of the Persian Gulf . It is located at the same height as the spa, about 150 meters from sea level. It is the perfect place to practice sports and forget about day-to-day problems. In fact, it is highly recommended for stretching or practicing Pilates, as you can see in the image below these lines.

Burj Al Arab Hotel views gym

Views from the pools

The Burj Al Arab has several swimming pools. One is outdoors, right next to a terrace bar where refreshing drinks and cocktails are served under the shade of palm trees. Others, like the one just below, is an indoor pool that also allows you to enjoy spectacular views. Whatever your choice (indoor or outdoor), you can relax looking out to sea while clearing your mind and enjoying a unique stay.

Burj Al Arab Hotel pool views

Burj Al Arab Hotel views spa

Views from Al Muntaha restaurant

The Al Muntaha restaurant is one of the nine restaurants that are part of the Burj Al Arab. It’s on the 27th floor, so you can already imagine what the views are like from there. And if you can’t imagine it, that’s what the two images you can see below are for.

They define it as a restaurant with modern European cuisine , where the wait between courses is made more enjoyable by taking a look at what is beyond the huge windows that define its space. Eating there must be, as they say, a difficult experience to forget.

Burj Al Arab Hotel views restaurant by day

Burj Al Arab Hotel views restaurant