As Catedrais, a unique beach to enjoy all year round

Beaches are always thought to be a summer destination to enjoy the sun and a good swim in the sea. And it is not like that. They are also a good choice for other times of the year , including fall and winter. And, although you cannot enjoy swimming or bathing in the waters, there are some beaches that have great beauty so it is well worth strolling through them or simply visiting them. It is a moment of relaxation that facilitates disconnection. This is the case of As Catedrais , a unique beach in Spain .

The beach

As Catedrais, also known as Las Catedrales beach, is located in the Lugo municipality of Ribadeo within a privileged enclave that, precisely, endows it with those particularities and characteristics of its own.

This beach is a Natural Monument due to its great scenic and ecological value , which has made it look after and preserve itself. Care that prevents the massive influx of people, controlling especially the capacity in the holidays or long weekends. In fact, 4,812 people are allowed per day in summer, being recommended to make a reservation through the web.

It is a control that is also necessary to be able to enjoy all its beauty. The beach offers many possibilities. One is waiting for the fall of the tide to walk along a wide beach giving a magnificent ride.

The path leads through sandy corridors between slate walls , which form a kind of arches like flying buttresses , which are 30 meters high. The view of these arches is magnificent, and you can also see arches within other arches.

Undoubtedly, a unique landscape , since it has been the sea ​​itself that has been in charge of sculpting this natural architectural work on the cliffs, which is in the shape of a cathedral along the paths that form a central nave, the arches, the columns and the forms of vaults.

In addition to this environment, you can also enjoy a walk that is conditioned to enjoy equally impressive views and it is even possible to request guided tours .