The best destinations to travel in autumn

travel autumn
We start the week with bad news for all summer lovers: We have already entered September! And it is that although the meteorologists assure that there are still a few weeks of heat, the truth is that this month is directly related to the end of the holidays, the return to work and the daily routine .

If you have been smart and have saved some days of your summer holidays to enjoy them during the fall or you have some of the bridges that will be presented in the coming months, do not hesitate and make a getaway. In addition to helping you to discover new places, you can disconnect for a few days. Do not forget that traveling in autumn is not only cheaper, but it also allows you to visit the places of interest with fewer crowds, enjoy a more temperate climate and contemplate truly amazing landscapes. Today we offer you some good ideas for traveling during the fall. Can you come with us?


Autumn Berlin
The first destination that we recommend is Munich, a city that, although it deserves to be visited throughout the year, offers its most fun side during the first days of autumn. And that is when the Oktoberfest is celebrated, a festival in which, for 15 days, some 6 million visitors consume more than 6 million liters of beer. In addition, in its tents and surroundings you can enjoy food, music, fairground attractions and stages with shows.

New York

Autumn New York
If you have the possibility to escape for many days, we recommend a trip to New York. And it is that visiting the Big Apple during the months of October is ideal to avoid the heat of summer or the excessive cold of winter. In addition, you can enjoy a beautiful Central Park , the Halloween party, Thanksgiving Day or the famous New York Marathon


Autumn Italy
Yes, the whole of Italy is an ideal destination to visit during the autumn months. The main reason is very clear: it is when the crowds disappear and you can go sightseeing with ease. In addition, flights and hotels become much more accessible and you do not have to endure the unbearable heat of summer. As if that were not enough, during this time of year you can find really beautiful landscapes, especially in the area of ​​Tuscany, where the time of harvest is lived with its reddish leaves; and many gastronomic festivals and cultural activities.


Autumn Thailand
Many people don’t know it, but one of the best times to travel to Thailand is in the fall. And it is that when October ends, the rainy season and the risk of typhoons also ends, giving way to the cooler season .


Autumn Norway
And from a warm country to one of the coldest on the planet. We refer to Norway, where at the end of autumn you will be able to contemplate one of the greatest spectacles of nature: the Northern Lights . You should know that the best month to see it, apart from February and March, is October, so hurry up and organize a trip for the next month. In addition, Norway is a country where you can enjoy a fantastic natural environment, a lot of festivals and cultural events.


Japanese Autumn
As a last destination we propose Japan. And it is that after the spring, the autumn colors flood the main cities of the country. We refer to momiji , that moment when the leaves turn reddish. One of the best places to enjoy this phenomenon of nature is around the temples.

Do you dare to visit any of these places this fall?