Dubai: a destination of more than big buildings

Dubai is one of the most visited destinations throughout the year, especially in winter due to its warm climate and 365 days of sunshine. In general, tourists are often attracted by the luxury and construction of buildings and hotels that are among the most majestic in the world. However, Dubai is much more than that. And it is not that you do not have to travel and visit those places, but there are other areas and data of interest that must be taken into account when traveling to this destination.


The image of the great buildings of Dubai suggests that there is no nature. However, it is a misconception because there are green landscapes such as the Hatta Mountain Conservation Reserve , also called the Dubai Gardens.

It is an area that also houses part of the oldest heritage that is preserved in the United Arab Emirates. Without a doubt, a different option to take a day trip or spend the night.

And also curious is the first vertical urban farm in the United Arab Emirates with which it is intended to bridge the gap between the farm and the chefs’ kitchens. Specifically, Badia Farm grows micro-vegetables and herbs without sunlight, soil or pesticides, using a growing method that uses up to 80% less water .

This growing system based on hydroponic technology is also more efficient and energy sustainable. The result is gourmet vegetables that are used in restaurant kitchens on the very day they are picked.

World expo

And, when organizing the trip to Dubai, keep in mind that from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, the World Expo will be held . An event that, in addition, has for the first time in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa region.

Under the theme "Connecting minds, creating the future", it will bet on innovation and progress. A motto that also makes a nod to the origin of Dubai, which was called Al Wasl, that is, “Connection”.