Do you know Tokelau?

Hurry up if you want to get to know Tokelau . Why? You may wonder, well the answer is very simple: this point in the Pacific may disappear due to the rise in sea level due to global warming.

Tokelau means “ north wind ” in Polynesian and its main characteristic is that it is one of the most isolated places on earth. It takes about 20 hours to get there from its closest neighbor, Samoa, and you know there isn’t even an airstrip.

Thanks to these great distances, indigenous culture has been preserved in Tokelau to a greater degree than in most places in the Pacific. Tokelau is made up of three atolls: Atafu, Fakaofo, and Nukunonu . These form a kind of wall around a lagoon. In this area there is a small population whose lifestyle is sure to surprise you.

Tokelau has a very tropical climate, with a temperature of about 28 degrees, but the uneven blondes spoil it. It is on the very northern edge of the South Pacific cyclone zone, so tropical storms are rare, but not impossible. The most recent was in 2005 and was Cyclone Percy .

The best months to travel to Tokelau are from April to October. Between November and January, the boats that arrive there are filled with scholarship students and other Tokelaus living abroad, who return to spend Christmas with their families. December to March is cyclone season.