What will travel be like in 10 years?

The future travel 2024
If a few years ago someone had told us that we would organize our holidays through a computer, we would have thought they were crazy. However, the organization of trips has changed radically in recent years, mainly thanks to specialized websites or integrated map services such as Google Maps.

Now, so that the future does not catch us unprepared, the comparator of flights, hotels and car rental Skyscanner has presented a study prepared together with The Future Laboratory on what travel will be like around 2024. For this, 56 experts have made predictions about what we will use and how we will use it. Do you want to know how we will travel in 10 years?

Individual electronic agent

According to Skyscanner, the world tourism industry will make the traveler the center of the experience and will evolve thanks to technology, offering ultra-personalized packages that are easily accessible to the consumer. Thus, among other predictions, the travel comparator affirms that in the 2020s each of us will have an individual electronic agent who will accompany us everywhere. It will consist of an artificial intelligence device, permanently connected to the web, which will know what our individual preferences are and will make suggestions adapted to our needs. In addition, this gadget will provide us with simultaneous information, such as real-time translations or holographic map displays.

Future Travel 20241

Taste, touch and feel before traveling

On the other hand, Skyscanner predicts that in the future a kind of wall will show us the destinations in a seductive way, along with incredible smells and sounds of each place, trying, touching and feeling any place before going there.

Face coding

In addition, the travel comparator claims that in the not too distant future voice and gesture controlled online tools will help us book our personalized trips and facial coding algorithms and will allow search engines to understand and react to our expressions to adjust so the results.