What to see in Vienna

what to see in Vienna
When we plan a getaway through a European city, the same cities always come to mind: London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam … However, the old continent has a lot of wonderful places to discover.

One of those cities that is worth knowing, beyond the classic tourist destinations, is Vienna , the capital of Austria. Although the best thing would be to have a week to be able to see everything that the city offers with peace of mind, we know that the safest thing is that you have a couple or three days, so we are going to make things easier for you by recommending some things to see in the Austrian capital.

Vienna Opera

Logically, we have to start by talking about the Vienna Opera, one of the most important symbols of the city. As you know, the capital of Austria is closely linked to classical music. In fact, in the streets of the old town it is very common to find musicians, references to great composers, commemorative plaques, statues with their figures … If you want to attend a performance, you must buy tickets well in advance. If not, you can always take a guided tour.

what to see in Vienna

St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the historic center

Another mandatory visit will be to the historic center of the city, recognized as a World Heritage Site in 2002. There you will find the Cathedral of San Esteban, a building dating from the 14th century.


In Vienna you will also find many palaces that are worth visiting, such as the Hofburg Empire Palace, where you can visit the museum of the Empress Sisi; the Schönbrunn Palace, an imposing palace traditionally used as a summer residence by different royal families; or the Belvedere Palace, which houses three museums : the Austrian Art Gallery, the Baroque Art Museum and the Medieval Art Museum.

what to see in Vienna2

Other places worth visiting

In addition to all the above, we recommend you visit the Hundertwasserhaus building complex, which totally breaks with the imperialist style of the city; the Ringstrasse street, which houses some of the most important buildings in the city; the church of San Carlos Borromeo, considered a masterpiece of baroque eclecticism; the Wiener Prater park; the Danube river; and, finally, the Albertina Museum.