Istanbul, a mix of tradition and modernity

Istanbul is the largest and most populous city in Turkey . Its 10,034,830 inhabitants also make it one of the most populated in Europe . Located on the border between Europe and Asia (the Bosphorus Strait separates both continents), it contains a mixture of many cultures united in a single city. In addition, it is a very modernized city ​​that does not for that reason abandon its most ancient traditions and its oldest neighborhoods.


The sunset and the end of the working day, brings the citizens of Istanbul to the streets. These, full of cafes, street vendors selling sweets, mussels, breads and exotic juices, become bustles with people until the wee hours of the morning.

Sunset in Istanbul

Istanbul is more culturally identified with Europe than with Asia. Therefore, although we may think that due to its Muslim roots the city may have a curfew, the opposite happens.

blue mosque istanbul
Blue mosque

In the late afternoon, the fishing districts fill with tourists and resident citizens who are eager to taste the fish that is extracted from there. And the fact is that, surrounded by three seas, Istanbul stands out for an exceptional culinary culture in which fish and seafood are its foundations.
Dinners are usually accompanied by musical groups that turn dinner into a truly unforgettable party.

Basilica Cistern

Istanbul has 8 mosques of great historical-artistic-cultural value . The most visible from a bird’s eye view are those of Hagia Sophia (converted into a museum) and Sulnahmet (known as the Blue Mosque).

Hagia Sophia Mosque

If you are fond of going to markets, you cannot miss the Spice Bazaar . There you will find old Berber pharmacies where you can buy all kinds of aromatic oils and natural cosmetics.
Apart from this, there is the Grand Bazaar . Its labyrinthine corridors will allow you to see crystal lamps of thousands of colors, goldsmiths and, of course, many rugs . There are some that are even invaluable.

Grand bazaar

In the afternoons it can be very useful to go to any of the cafes in the city and try a Turkish coffee . In addition, to make your mouths, you can taste the delicious kebab , so widespread already in our country.

Places you cannot miss

– Church of Divine Wisdom
– Topkapı Palace
– Sulnahmet Mosque
– Hagia Sophia Mosque
– Basilica Cistern
– Arap Mosque
– The Maiden’s Tower
– Mosaic Museum
– Galata Tower
– Bulgarian Church of St. Stephen
– Fatih Mosque