Alaska, positives and negatives of an incredible trip

Traveling to Alaska is an unforgettable experience that has very positive aspects, but it also has some that can muddy the trip a bit if you do not organize it well.

Positives : impressive and massive panoramic views where few people are able to live, so the wildlife and fauna is immense as well as spectacular: bears, seals, whales, eagles and deer are just some of the animals that you will be able to see very close up. The tourist options are very good and varied.

You can go hiking, fishing, learn to use a kayak, rafting, etc. Another very positive aspect is knowing that there, in summer , the days are much longer, which will allow you to do many more activities throughout the day. In winter , prices go down because sometimes so much snow is not very pleasant, but you can also do a lot of activities.

Negatives : Alaska’s main downside is the price of hotels and getting there. In addition, public transportation in this monstrous state is rare and transfers from one place to another are quite slow. The best thing is that you travel with a good tour operator who will organize the trip for you from start to finish.

When you decide to make your trip remember that the best month to travel there is during the first days of September , since it is when the best weather is and you will have less problems making the reservations you need. In July the "overcrowding" is greater, so try to postpone the trip for a few weeks. The worst months are October, November and April, due to the freezing of the rains.