Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica

Anyone who is a faithful reader of Vuela Viajes knows that I love writing about National Parks, without a doubt the best natural paradises that we have anywhere in the world. Today I will dedicate a little bit to the Manuel Antonio National Park , which is in Costa Rica , specifically on the Pacific coast, just south of Quepos. If you are going to be in San José, the capital, the park will be 132 kilometers away, and it is worth the trip.

It is a small park that was established in 1972, and each year receives almost 200,000 visitors, eager to discover its natural wonders or to enjoy one of its spectacular beaches . Within the park there are four wonderful beaches: Espadilla Sur, Escondido, Manuel Antonio and Playita. The one in Manuel Antonio is perhaps the most spectacular thanks to a natural bridge formed with sand that separates it from another beach. A marvel.


Within the park you can do different routes and excursions to know different areas, thus being able to see the flora and fauna that are there. One of the most famous excursions is the one that takes you to see various monkeys and other types of animals, and it is important that you know that it is strictly forbidden to feed them. There are more than 100 species of mammals and almost 200 of birds, and include iguanas, howler monkeys , snakes, bats, whales, fish, dolphins, toucans, vultures, hawks or coaties.


If you want to enjoy the nature of this park in a very special way, nothing better than doing it while doing some activity. The ones that are most often done are diving , kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking or hiking. The wild and tropical life that exists in any corner of the park is truly spectacular since it is a protected area, which makes it very well preserved.