Turtles National Park in Costa Rica

The National Parks are fantastic places to visit during vacations or during any getaway, discovering in each one of them a spectacular natural landscape. In Costa Rica there is great natural wealth, so it is not surprising that there are some of the most impressive natural landscapes in the world. Today I would like to write about the National Park of the Turtles , one of the most spectacular in the country.

In it you will find unique species of turtles, both young and very old, species that in many cases you will not be able to see anywhere else in the world. Tortugero National Park is in the northwest of the country, in an area known as the North Atlantic and which is the preferred place for turtles when the spawning phase arrives, thanks mainly to its warm temperature.

A natural spectacle

Anyone who has visited this park will say that it can be seen a natural spectacle without equal, especially at the time when hundreds of turtles come at the same time to lay their eggs safely. Between July and October is when the greatest number of turtles usually coincide, and you must be very clear that they cannot be disturbed and that everything you do must be with respect so that they are not affected. For example, you can not take photos with flash since it scares them and when they go to the water they will do so without having spawned.


Many species

In Tortuguero you can see up to seven different species of river turtles , in addition to many other very interesting ones. One of the most striking is the green turtle, which finds its best natural habitat in the world there. There are also other important species such as the leatherback or hawksbill, two of the most attractive in Costa Rica. But there are not only turtles since you can also find other animals such as capuchin monkeys or manatees, about which there are numerous legends.

A lot to see

Besides the turtles, there are other elements that are very interesting in this park. To see all of them you have numerous routes that will allow you to discover different areas and thus see all its vegetation, its rivers, lagoons and the more than 50 species of river fish. If you want the experience to be more complete, go ahead and rent a cayuca (a boat) to follow one of the water routes and enjoy Tortuguero National Park from another point of view.