Cruises in Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the most wonderful places in the world thanks to its incredible landscapes. The best option to visit it is on a cruise ship since you can visit all its interesting parts, although it is also true that it is somewhat expensive, but it is certainly worth the investment. The price may vary depending on the duration of the trip, the itinerary, the type of boat and the services that you are going to have on board, but the average price of a cruise to Antarctica is around € 4,000 with everything included.

The price can reach € 18,000 depending on the type of accommodation, since you can choose from a simple double interior room to a luxury suite with a terrace in the best area of ​​the ship. Keep in mind that you must also pay for the plane ticket from your city of origin to the city where the port where the cruise will depart from. Another option that is being used by more and more people is to rent a boat and do the same route, since for two weeks you can pay about € 7,000 and you can travel with the whole family.

The cruise season in Antarctica is usually between November and February, as it is when its beauty is most appreciated. I recommend that you book it well in advance since they are the best-selling cruises in the world and several months before departure there are no more seats. Once on the cruise, the ship has its own money, which you will use in the form of a card and on the last day you pay with your credit card all the money you have spent. Tips are not included in the price of the cruise and must be taken into account to set them apart, although in this case they are not mandatory.