Home exchange for vacations

There are many options you have when choosing vacation destinations or the way you want to enjoy them. You can go to a hotel, you can go camping, take a route with a motorhome or launch into the unknown with an option that has been used for a few years and that is becoming more and more successful: the exchange of a home on vacation . Without a doubt, it is the cheapest and most original option to enjoy your holidays. Below I explain what it is about and what its characteristics are:

– It is that you lend your house to someone while you are going to be on vacation and that someone lends it to you, with which both of you exchange your homes, which represents a considerable saving in the vacation budget . The Gumtree company is the one who had the original idea, and currently thousands of families are registered on its website to search for possible vacation destinations.

– When you register, you become part of a database in which there are photographs and where you can show your preferences when choosing a destination or what type of people or families you want to exchange. When you leave you must leave your house spotless and that is how you will find it when you return, all families are very clean and leave everything as they find it.

– Emphasize that there is no legal protection but there is a great mutual responsibility in which obviously you are not going to take anything from a house that is not yours in the same way that you would not like to arrive at your home and that things are missing. This responsibility also means that each home leaves a list with the best places to go shopping, eating or what can be done in that city.

– Usually a welcome meal and a bottle of wine are left so that visitors feel at home.

– There is a lot of communication throughout the process, so before you get to lend your house you really get to know who is going to get into it. If at any time you have any doubts, mistrust or you just don’t like other people, you can back out without any problem.

– It is also usually agreed which rooms in the house, closets or any other place is not included in the deal. This is usually done, for example, if you have objects of great value or that are very fragile you can put them in a box or in a room. What has been marked as "prohibited" will always be respected.

– To also take into account if you or the family that will come to your house has a pet , because you will have to reach an agreement to know if the pet stays at home and you take care of it, if you can take it home or if you You have to look for accommodation outside the exchange.