Australian gastronomy

One of the greatest pleasures when you travel is enjoying the gastronomy of each place in order to discover new flavors and textures in each dish you eat. Nowadays, when you visit a city, you always try to eat the most typical dishes in addition to visiting the most interesting places.

If you have decided to visit Australia during your holidays, I would like to tell you about its gastronomy and the most famous dishes, which are also the most delicious. Many people say that Australian cuisine is very similar to English, although in reality both have their hallmarks and use their own ingredients to prepare their dishes, which although there are not as many as in other countries there is a great variety that you also cannot found elsewhere, thanks in part to the products that are used.

Among the Australian specialties you can find dishes such as fried swan eggs , kangaroo tail soup, stews of different meats, fish and seafood in different sauces and different tropical fruits prepared in very original ways. All its gastronomy is strongly influenced by Mediterranean and African cuisine, although thanks to its proximity to the Asian continent there are also many ingredients that are widely used in typical dishes from Indonesia, China, Malaysia or Vietnam.

The ingredient most used in Australian cuisine is meat, which is also consumed throughout the day and in any of your meals, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner and even in the classic afternoon tea. The wallaby-soup is one of the most typical dishes and it is a wallaby meat stew that is dressed with aromatic herbs, jam, mustard and wine. The stuffed mutton is another of the most famous and is a boneless leg of lamb that is marinated with garlic, onion, bacon, egg, cream, lemon, breadcrumbs and various spices.

As for desserts, they also tend to have meats as the protagonists. The most famous is the murrumbidgee (a meat pie) and other meat pies such as rabbit or kangaroo. If you like meat, you will undoubtedly be in one of the countries that can offer you the most varieties.