New York: get cheap flights

New York is considered by many as the capital of the world, since little by little it has become a conglomeration of people from all places and cultures who live as one big family. Traveling to this city is a luxury that not many can afford. You can travel for business, pleasure, studies, etc. but it is clear that only the flight can leave for a very high economic amount.

Once you get there, you know that the dollar prices are going to save you a lot of money, but just what you have spent on the plane ticket may have done a lot of damage to your budget. You have the opportunity to save some money on plane tickets to New York if you take into account some aspects that we are going to tell you about. Take note:

– Advance ticket sales
Time is a person’s best or worst ally when selecting a flight option. It is vitally important that we can access a ticket reservation in time so that we can get the most out of it.

– Flying at dawn
Take away the fear of night flights and discover that traveling at certain times the price of your flight will be much cheaper.

– Avoid high season
Always, in high season the prices are more expensive even though you make your reservation well in advance. As we mentioned, booking in advance helps a lot but, in high seasons, prices go up to 35% or more than the price that can be obtained a few weeks later.