The Paris Museum Pass, the best way to visit Parisian museums

When organizing a trip, you have to think about many things, not only about the places you are going to visit but also how we can save some money, whether it be on accommodation, transportation or vouchers for different places. If you are going to travel to Paris , you can save a little money on different things, something that always comes in handy and more there since it is a somewhat expensive city.

Some time ago I wrote a post about the Paris Pass, a transport card with which you can travel throughout the city for little money. Today I would like to write about the Paris Museum Pass , which is a special card with which you can visit several museums, saving a considerable amount of money in all of them. If you are a lover of museums and you have in mind to visit several, without a doubt your best option is to get this card.

The Paris Museum Pass is not suitable for all museums, but with it you will have free access to more than 60 museums , among which you will undoubtedly find many that are worth visiting. With it you can enter these museums for free as many times as you want and it can be purchased for 2, 4 or 6 days. The first of them costs € 39, the second € 54 and the maximum € 69. Take a good look at the museums you want to visit, see how much the entrance fee to each one is worth and that way you will be able to know whether or not it is worth buying this card, although if you like visiting museums it is clear that it is.

This card can be bought online and they send it to your home (it takes about 10 days so if you think it won’t arrive before your trip, it’s better to buy it once you get to Paris). In the French capital you can buy it in the main museums, in tourist offices, tobacconists, airports and even in the FNAC.

It is activated once you visit the first museum, and it is best to do it in the morning since it does not go from hour to hour but from day to day, regardless of what time you start using it. Avoid that it coincides on a Monday since that day the museums close and you would lose a day. It must always be used on consecutive days, it is not valid for, for example, 3 random days.