Skiing in Les Menuires

The snow season is about to begin and soon we will see the resorts full of skiers of all levels and, most importantly, people who like to be in contact with nature. In our country we have a lot of tracks and on occasion we have already told you about them, so today I would like to tell you about a French woman who is considered one of the best in Europe.

It is Les Menuires station , which was built in 1960 and is known as "the smile of the Alps" thanks to the many buildings that it has to accommodate you and that all of them form like a smile. It must be said that several years after its inauguration it lost a lot of customers as the facilities "let go" a bit, but a few years ago they knocked down some buildings and made everything beautiful again.

Today, Les Menuires has recovered all its splendor and has once again become one of the most beautiful and most visited resorts in all of Europe since spectacular landscapes must be added to its fantastic facilities, without a doubt the perfect combination for skiing to become in quite an experience. In addition, there are tracks for all levels of learning, so whether you are an expert or a beginner you can enjoy the beauty of its facilities.

The worldwide fame of this station is due in part to the great height of its slopes, almost 2,000 meters, in addition to the fact that as a whole it offers a wonderful space to enjoy a few days of vacation, having several hotels, shops, restaurants and with the Very close city to be able to do tourism. Les Menuires station is in the Belleville valley of the Savoy Alps , in the Mont massif.