Rodin Museum in Paris

One of my favorite cities is Paris, in which I have been twice and I would love to return soon as there are so many places to visit that you never finish seeing them all. If the French capital is characterized by something, it is by the large number of museums it has, some more famous than others but all of them with immense historical and cultural value.

One of them is the Rodin Museum , which is in the 7th district of the city and which opened its doors in 1919, where the Hotel Biron was located, in a spectacular building. As its name suggests, it is a museum dedicated to the sculptor Auguste Rodin and displays many of his works.

Entering this museum and entering fully into another era thanks to being in a palace with countless rooms and all of them decorated with great detail, and that combined with the works of Rodin leaves us an exceptional result. It also has immense gardens where you can rest for a little while or simply to sit and admire the beauty of everything that surrounds you. In fact, most of his sculptures are on display in the gardens.

The Rodin Museum receives more or less half a million visitors each year, just behind the 3 most important museums in the city: the Louvre, Versailles or Orsay. The sculptor lived in this hotel, in a private mansion, for many years, that is why this was the place chosen to collect his work and expose it to the public.

Here a wide collection of marbles, bronzes, paintings, plasters, waxes, ceramics, terracotta and other designs by Rodin is exhibited, although there are also works by other artists such as Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh or Claudel. In total there are about 6,600 works, in which the famous “El beso” or “El pensador” stand out . If you are going to be in Paris you should definitely visit it.