The Opera Garnier in Paris

Paris is a special city that dazzles you as soon as you step on it no matter what area you are in. I have already been twice and as soon as I can I repeat, although the last was in September of last year, so I have in reserve for a little while. Among the many places in the city, one of the ones I like the most is the famous Opera Garnier , which is in the 9th arrondissement, specifically in the Palais Garnier . I went to see it on this last trip and I loved it, a beautiful old building and it was the inspiration to write "The Phantom of the Opera."

The Opera Garnier in Paris was built by order of Napoleon III, as he wanted an Imperial Academy of Music and Dance, so he called an international competition and, among the more than one hundred projects that were presented, the architect Garnier was chosen, by At that time a young man with a lot of desire and talent and who later would become world famous for all his works and mainly for this one. This project was within the restructuring plans of Paris, so Baron Haussman was in charge of choosing the land on which it would be located since he was in charge of the entire new structure of the city.

It took almost 15 years to build it due to the irregularities of the terrain, but without a doubt the wait was worth it, and on January 15, 1975 it was the beginning with a luxurious party, where you could appreciate the work of art that is this Palace both outside and inside. 14 painters participated in its decoration, in addition to 63 sculptors , so everything you find there is a real marvel. One of the most attractive things is a spectacular marble staircase, in addition to the waiting spaces between acts, all of them decorated with all the luxury transformed into mosaics on a golden background. Inside the theater, red velvet seats.

At the Opera Garnier you can also visit the Opera Museum Library , where you can find a wonderful collection of models, scores or costumes that will help you explore centuries of history, as well as see drawings and paintings that record the golden age of music. from Paris. If you like the Opera and you are going to be in Paris, take a look at the schedule to see if you can attend a function. Totally recommendable. In addition, it is in a very good area with accommodation at a good price and close to many places of interest that you can walk to.