Carnavalet Museum in Paris

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, as well as the most romantic and one that offers you the most places to visit. Among all that you can visit, there are undoubtedly many museums, some of the best in the world. The one I’m going to tell you about today is the Carnavalet Museum , dedicated to the history of the city and where you can see how its development has been from its origins to the present. It is in the Le Marais district, specifically at number 23 Carrer de Sévigné.

In the Carnavalet Museum it exhibits wonderful collections with great archaeological remains , landscapes of Paris from past centuries, decorative elements of historical buildings that are no longer standing, historical scenes or that have some important anecdote, portraits of important Parisians and various testimonies of what it is like. daily life in the city. An excellent way to find out what this city really is like and how it got here.

Among the many objects that you can see exposed are some prehistoric canoes that were used by the Parisii tribes or various furniture in the room where the illustrious Marcel Proust worked on his most important novels. Of course, you cannot miss an extensive collection of paintings in which you will see the evolution of the city from the point of view of various artists. The exhibits on the French Revolution and a replica of the Bastille prison are also very interesting, which is spectacular.

The museum is housed in two mansions that are together: the Hotel Le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau and the Hotel Carnavalet , spectacular buildings that also have a lot of history to tell. Inside you can admire decorative elements and walls ranging from the Middle Ages to Art Novou.