Other museums in Paris

The best way to get to know art in the "City of Love" is by visiting all the museums that it offers to all who decide to visit it. Its hottest spots are the Louvre , the Musée d’Orsay, and the Eiffel Tower, but when you’re exhausted from dealing with the crowds at these typical destinations, exploring some of the city’s lesser-known but equally interesting museums can be a marvel.

Most of these museums are within walking distance of each other and have easy access to metro stations, parks and cafes. The Cluny Museum , for example, displays a fascinating tapestry from the Middle Ages, "The Lady and the Unicorn." It shows an exuberant woman, flanked by a unicorn and a lion in a fantastic garden. Another of the museums is the Marmottan .

Marmottan is preferred by lovers of impressionism . Here you can find more than 100 paintings by Monet that illuminate the walls with soft colors. For those who prefer the latest art, there is the City Museum of Modern Art which offers a refreshing and more manageable alternative to the huge (and massively crowded) Pompidou Center .

The Museum of Costume reminds visitors of the influence on Parisian dress . You can see costumes even from Marie Antoinette. To appreciate the French enthusiasm for oriental culture, visit the Guimet. In it you will find the best collection of Buddhist art in Europe. The ultramodern Arab world museum focuses on Arab civilization.