Northern Europe Cruises

Europe is one of the favorite destinations of a lot of travelers, who either decide to visit a specific country or make a route through several in order to get the best of the old continent in a very short time. Beautiful landscapes, a great history behind each city, spectacular buildings and a cultural environment that is very difficult to see in any other continent. Without a doubt, traveling through Europe is in fashion, and if we combine this fashion with the preferred way of traveling in recent years, cruises, the mix is ​​spectacular.

The other day I was talking about cruises in Europe and today I would like to specify a little more and focus on cruises in northern Europe , in which you can discover really fascinating landscapes, especially if you take the cruise in winter time. Take note of the different northern cruises that you can do and what places you can visit during them:

– You can take a great cruise that will take you from the Arctic Circle to Egypt, enjoying not only the great riches of northern Europe but also a lot of other destinations that will take you to the magical African country.

– Another very good option is to take a cruise through the Norwegian fjords, one of the most spectacular you can do and which is wonderful in both summer and winter since the contrast of landscapes at any time is incredible.

– In countries like Holland, Ireland, Iceland, Russia, Sweden or Denmark you can enjoy a lot of channels and cities with a lot of magic that will make you fall in love instantly. Cities such as Stockholm, Amsterdam , Helsinki, Saint Petersburg, Oslo or Copenhagen you will be able to get to know them in a few days while enjoying a wonderful trip on a boat full of comforts.

– Another very interesting route is the one that takes you through the North Cape and the Kiel Canal and in which you will discover the most impressive landscapes of Scotland. This cruise is recommended to do in summer since it is when you can best enjoy those landscapes.