Take care of our money on international travel

Many times we travel abroad for work reasons or for an unexpected situation that we must go to. If our trip abroad is organized with time, that is, a vacation program, we will have time to organize much better what we are going to take and what we are going to leave at home.

Regardless of the way in which our trip occurs, the safety factor in the trip should not be overlooked. Security begins the moment you start packing. You must be very careful when selecting what you take with you so that you do not suddenly find yourself in an undesirable situation. Something very important is the issue of money. Take note of some of the advice we give you:

– Do not carry too much cash. Try to make the maximum use of your credit and debit cards.

– Always control the place where you carry the money. If you carry the money in a purse or backpack, try to carry it on the front of your body so that if someone tries to reach in, you can tell.

– Do not carry all the money in the same pocket or purse. If they come to rob you , it is not the same that they take only an amount from a pocket to that they take the entire vacation budget, do not you think?

– Upon arrival at the hotel, place the cash and cards in the safe or in a place where you know that no one can have access.

– If you wear jewelry , make sure that they are not too flashy. Leave all the gold and jewelry in general at home and take something small, discreet and imitation.