The Cape of Favaritx in Menorca

In the Balearic Islands there are spectacular places that have nothing to envy to so many tourist destinations around the world and with the reputation of being paradises. In Menorca there are many such places, such as Cape Favaritx , a place that seems to be stopped in time as it preserves cliffs of black and gray slate that give it the appearance of a lunar landscape. A real luxury for the eyes and that because of the strange landscape it seems that we are on another island, but no, it is Menorca .

Favaritx and its lighthouse, which are located in the Natural Park of s’Albufera des Grau , one of the oldest geological places in the Archipelago and a totally spectacular site, especially if you go at night. According to legend, if there is a full moon this place is very suitable for energy and fertility … so if you go as a couple who knows, maybe two of you go and three of you come back. In this area there are also a lot of native flora and fauna that is a real wonder.

If you take the road to Mah贸n and Fornells, you will reach the small lake called C贸s des Sindic , a natural raft that has spread with the storms and that today is an ideal refuge for several colonies of birds that live there. To get to Favaritx , when you leave Mah贸n on that road you will find a detour to the right 8 kilometers away, it is very well signposted so there is no problem. Once you have taken that detour, after about 6 kilometers you will reach the Lighthouse. You can drive to the end.

In addition to visiting the surroundings of the Favaritx Lighthouse , which are impressive, you can take the Son Camamil road to reach two coves that are of great beauty, Cala’n Presili and Cala Tortuga, two elongated coves open to the sea.