Travel to Belfast

One of the Irish cities with the greatest history is Belfast , and although it is not one of the best known, everyone who visits it is enchanted by the great beauty and diversity found in the city. Belfast witnessed huge struggles between Catholics and Protestants, social groups that left a great mark on a city that is also very famous for having several peace walls filled with different paintings.

Many people do not know that the famous Titanic was born here since it was built on the docks of its port and that, in fact, the cranes of the shipyards that built it, which were Harland and Wolff, are still preserved. So important was the construction of this ship for the city that in the town hall you can see a spectacular statue in memory of all its victims. About the Belfast City Hall, tell you that it is of neo-baroque architecture from the late nineteenth century and if you like architecture I recommend that you visit it.

One of the most spectacular places is Belfast Castle , which is in Cave Hill, one of the most famous areas of the city and from which you have impressive views since it is 120 meters above sea level. It is of Victorian architecture and several events are held there, especially weddings that are totally dreamy. In addition, it has a restaurant, the Cellas Restaurant , where you can go to savor the exquisite local cuisine and at the same time enjoy a unique landscape.

If you like fashion, from 13 to 16 October the West Coast Cooler Fashionweek is held in Belfast, an event where you can see several parades with the designs of national designers and thus discover what is the latest in fashion from this country.