The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

This imposing sanctuary of Islam is in Haram el Sherif , also known as Temple Esplanade , in the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem. It is a very unique building dominated by a large golden dome. A masterpiece of Islamic architecture.

The Dome of the Rock is an octagonal building, whose architecture conveys balance and harmony. In fact, its plan, subjected to symbolic geometric laws, has become a model for later Islamic architecture .

A temple for all

The sanctuary is one of the most emblematic jewels of the Holy Land and boasts being one of the few temples whose sanctity is recognized by three religions . In fact, there are many pilgrims of different confessions who constantly visit it.

Already inside, in the very center of the dome, emerges the great rock where Abraham accepted the sacrifice of his son Isaac, in an act that strengthened the monotheism of Christianity. For Muslims, the rock marks the center of the world , according to classical Muslim geography. Under the great rock there is a grotto called the Well of Souls , as legend has it that the souls of the deceased stop in that grotto before disappearing.

Incredible and sublime mosaics

The marvelous dome houses a spectacular gold and glass mosaic decorated with Greco-Roman motifs and, surrounding the drum, a border of no less than 240 meters long was made whose symbols glorify Jesus. To protect this exquisite decoration from the rigors of the weather, the dome is made up of two superimposed ones with a space between them.

Outside , the marvelous ceramic mosaics stand out, which have been restored on several occasions. The frieze has a border with verses from the Koran.