What to see in Tel Aviv

It is the economic and cultural capital of Israel, the city of leisure and entertainment. Founded in 1909 by a group of Israeli immigrants from the nearby city of Jaffa on desert dunes, it was then that the city began to be built.

To visit Tel Aviv and really get to know it, you have to go back to its origins. It is a city that arose out of nowhere, in which architecture played a fundamental role, especially in the 1930s, with the German Bauhaus movement in full swing. Today Tel Aviv is a modern and cosmopolitan city, with a lot to offer to all who visit it.

The heart of the city

The city center is a monument in itself. Strolling through its streets of regular layout, contemplating its buildings, walking its avenues is the best way to get to know this part of Tel Aviv. Among the most interesting places is Dizengoff Square , named after the founding mayor of the city. In the center, a modern Fire and Water fountain, from 1986, offers beautiful water and music shows.

In the heart of Tel Aviv’s cultural center, the Ha Carmel souk stands out, where you will breathe an oriental atmosphere that contrasts with the city, with a European appearance. Next to this market is the Yemeni neighborhood (if you can come to see it, it is worth it).

Also nearby is the Shalom Tower , the tallest building in the city. Built in 1979, it is located in the very center of the business district, and from its highest floor you will have the best panoramic views of the city.

The coast

In the part of Tel Aviv that faces the sea, a white sand beach stretches more than 6 kilometers long. Next to it, large buildings and luxury hotels. In this area, you can stroll through the Charles Clore garden that ends at Gordon Street, where the most important art galleries in the city meet. Nearby is the Tel Aviv marina .