The most important cities in Mexico

Mexico City1
Are you thinking of Mexico for a future vacation? Well, it’s a great ideal! And it is that this North American country has much to offer tourists: dream beaches, impressive colonial cities, spectacular archaeological remains, adventure sports, incredible fauna and flora … In addition, although many people are not aware of it, it has great cities where you can enjoy a wide variety of cultural shows, concerts, museums, shops, large shopping centers …

Today at Vuela Viajes we want to take a tour of the main cities of the country. Would you like to join us?

Mexico DF

Mexico City
First of all, we have to talk about the capital of the country and the Federal District: Mexico City, Federal District (Mexico DF). Located in the center of Mexico, it has 17 million inhabitants and, as you can imagine, it offers a lot of attractions, including details that evoke history. In fact, it is the oldest metropolis on the continent, with more than 3,000 years of development . You should know, of course, that most of the tourist attractions are located in the historic center of the city. We refer to the Plaza de la Constitución (also known as El Zócalo), the Metropolitan Cathedral, the National Palace and the Templo Mayor area, as well as a large number of museums. And if you want to visit the deepest Mexico, then you must visit Plaza Garibaldi.


Capital of the state of Nuevo León and the third largest city in Mexico, Monterrey is considered one of the great industrial centers of the country due to the large number of factories located in the area and covering all types of sectors: iron and steel, metallurgy, construction , mechanical, textile, chemical, food, cement … In reality, this industrial development has been quite rapid due to the exploitation of its oil, iron, lead, coal and precious metal deposits. Of course, this city also preserves pieces of its history, which can be seen in the buildings and other places where a great mix of culture is observed. It is surprising to be surrounded by the spectacular mountains of the Sierra Madre, although these impressive views are not the only thing that the city offers: it has a lot of cultural offers, modern shopping centers and a great nightlife. In addition, being flat, it is very easy to navigate.


Of course, we could not forget the capital of the state of Jalisco. Yes, we mean Guadalajara, considered the largest city in Mexico. Despite having four million inhabitants and its great growth, the city continues to preserve that Mexican colonial air that we like so much, especially if we look at the center, where it is possible to find a lot of old buildings. Of course, in this city the historical mixes with the modern everywhere. And it is that, among other things, Guadalajara is the cradle of many of the main traditions of the country, such as mariachis, the Mexican charro, tequila or the syrup from Guadalajara.


And although in Mexico you can find many other interesting cities, we want to end our tour in Tijuana, known by many as "the most visited border in the world." Here you will find all kinds of tourist attractions: from high-quality restaurants to nightclubs where you can enjoy a fun party. Of course, there is no shortage of museums and cultural centers, as well as bullfights and the most modern areas. If you have the opportunity to travel to Tijuana, you will have to visit, among many other places, Avenida Revolución , which is its most famous street; the Plaza Santa Cecilia, which is the oldest in the city; the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is the oldest church in the city; the Caesar’s Hotel, where the famous Caesar salad originated; or the historical building Jai Alai.

Below you can see a map showing the location of each of these cities. So you won’t waste so much time organizing your route through the most important cities of this beautiful country.