The largest squares in the world that you have to visit (at least once in your life)

When you visit a city or municipality there is always a place that you see first: its square . Spain is a country that has a wide range of places, such as those in Spain, some of which are among the best in the world. In addition, there are also areas and places that are well known, precisely, for their square such as the Vatican and St. Peter’s Square or Istanbul with its Sultanahmet Square. But, apart from the most touristy or popular , there are other places in the world that also house authentic treasures that are well worth a visit because they are part of the list of the largest . Then, it is already a matter of taste.


In China, we find several places to see that appear in this list of the largest in the world. One of them is Xinghai Square , in Dailán, which has nothing more and nothing less than 1.76 million square meters. An extension and construction carried out in 1998 with the aim of commemorating the centenary of the founding of this city.

You should not leave China without visiting Times Square which, this time, is in Daqing. Its area is 1.4 million square meters, an area that is the same as the New York square.

Smaller, specifically it is the sixth in the world, it is Huacheng Square , a square that is in Canton and that is considered the third largest in China. This square, which is also known as Flower City Square, has an area of ​​560,000 square meters. In it, you can see typical buildings such as the Guangdong Museum or the Opera.

And, the list continues with another China square, which is ranked seventh on the list of largest squares in the world. In this case, it is in Beijing. It is, obviously, Tiananmen Square , which is a symbol in the history of the People’s Republic of China. In it, historical events and events such as the 1989 student revolt or the funeral of Mao Zedong have taken place. Milestones that have taken place in its 440,000 square meters in which there is also the Great Hall of the People, which is the seat of the Chinese Government, and the Tian’anmen Gate, known in turn as the entrance to the Forbidden City.


The tour also takes us to Indonesia, stopping in Jakarta to see Merdeka Square , which is surrounded by buildings of great beauty such as the Merdeka Palace. This square stands out in turn for its measurements: one square kilometer.


The route continues through Brazil to visit the Plaza de los Girasoles , in Palmas, which is characterized by its quadrangular shape and its historical and monumental complex located in 570,000 square meters.


Again we have to go back to the Asian continent to get to the Philippines and stop in Manila. In this city, there is Rizal Park , which has a great history because it has seen from revolutions to executions and has lived the Declaration of Independence of the Philippines. All events that have happened in time and on its surface of 655,560 square meters.

Also in the Philippines is the tenth largest square in the world. It is in Quezon, where you must see the Quezon Memorial Circle , which covers an area of ​​271,139 square meters. A construction that was made in homage to the second president of the Philippines, Manuel Luís Quezón y Molina.


Mexico is not lacking on this list with the Macroplaza , which is in Monterrey, with an area of ​​400,000 square meters. A square whose construction was very controversial because part of the city’s historical heritage had to be destroyed. Even with everything, the main museums such as the Metropolitan or Contemporary Art are located there.


And we reached the end of the itinerary in India. Specifically, in New Delhi, to tour the 306,600 square meters of India Gate Complex , which is the ninth largest in the world and the largest in the country. Its construction was made as a tribute to those who fell in the First World War.