Doha: a fashionable tourist destination that combines tradition and modernity

Every year destinations to go on vacation or tourism become fashionable. And this could well be the case of Doha , which is gaining weight in the tourism sector. The capital of Qatar follows in the footsteps of other destinations in the area such as Dubai, although they differ from each other. Doha is a city in which traditions are more preserved – for example in the way of dressing, especially women -, but also highly modern elements such as its large and spectacular shopping centers and hotels. But there is still more to see.

Main attractives

One of the must- sees for all tourists in Doha is the old souk which is officially called Soug Wagif . It is a place that is like the souks of other Arab countries, but it also has its charm because there are streets covered with shops selling clothes, fabrics, animals or antiques, among other products, which are interspersed with bars, restaurants and terraces.

There is also a very good atmosphere on the promenade , which is known as the Corniche . This area is ideal for taking walks and walking the approximately six kilometers of separation between the oldest skyscrapers and the new City Center.

In fact, the City Center is another of the attractions of Doha. This area is far from the historic center of the capital, but has become a "new center" for its skyscrapers with an impressive height. In fact, they stand out among the most striking in the world.

Spectacular settings are also seen in the Doha Pearl , which is an artificial island with a marina , restaurants and cafes, and of course, luxury shops. In addition, it is usual that, in the afternoons, there are musicians who are animating the area.

The visit can be completed with the shopping centers, which are truly spectacular. Some options are the City Center Mall , as well as the Villagio Shopping Mall , which has a Venetian-style decoration in which gondolas are not lacking.


And, for those who want more cultural activities, a good option is the Museum of Islamic Art . The first thing to look at is its architecture and, of course, you have to explore it inside because it is the main cultural point of Doha.