Shopping in Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan is located in the northwest of India , and is the second in the country in terms of area, with more than 340,000 square kilometers. And inside it treasures so many wonders that scheduling a trip to that remote part of the world can become the experience of your life.

And, once you’re there, how are you going to come back empty-handed? We tell you everything you need to know to go shopping in Rajasthan without going badly off (and neither will your pocket).

Thousands of treasures that you are going to love

Among the many things that will attract your attention in Rajasthan will be, for sure, the crafts as it is one of the greatest attractions of the region. In this way, cities like Jaipur or Jodhpur become true shopping paradises for tourists. In fact, Rajasthan tours always reserve time for everyone to do their shopping.

One of the most prominent sectors in the shops of this part of the world is textiles , since Rajasthan has a great wealth of fabrics, with their characteristic bright and intense colors, most of them made according to traditional techniques: block prints, embroidered motifs by hand, etc. Leather slippers or Juti are also very much in vogue among locals and tourists.

In Jaipur blue pottery is very typical. There, in Sanganer, you can visit the center where the artisans work and where you can buy pieces at a good price. Lacquered gold jewelry is also a wonder in Rajasthan and depending on your budget, you will find precious pieces to take with you.

Some advice: haggling is a way of life in Rajasthan. The prices are marked high, knowing that later they will go down with the tug of war. Be careful with the craft shops that are very close to the monuments, you may find better pieces a little further away.