Bombay, the perfect city for shopping

It is the gateway to India and one of the most colorful places on the face of the Earth. And it is also a shopping paradise , so if you like to rummage through old markets to find hidden treasures at a bargain price, Mumbai is your city.

In its streets you will find picturesque bazaars and markets full of flavor that will abduct you for hours. However, certain precautions should be taken. For starters, keep your enthusiasm at bay and don’t trust yourself too much. Analyze, not only the price, but also the quality and appearance of what you are going to buy. And haggle : it is what they expect of you and it is not frowned upon.

A magical universe

In addition to all the things to see in Mumbai, spending time shopping is one way to get to know the city. You can start by visiting the Colaba Causeway , where you will find precious fabrics, kaftans, leather sandals, jewelry, etc. You can buy handicraft products to take everyone as a souvenir, at good prices. You will also find precious and inexpensive fabrics.

If you want to argue the price to infinity, you will have to go to markets such as Chor Bazar , the "thieves’ bazaar", where you will find antiques and pieces for the house, and where haggling is a custom. At the Crawford Market they have everything from typical food to textiles and decorative objects. And, if you want to buy silver and other precious metals, be sure to visit the Zaveri Bazaar . In fact, one of the characteristics of these Indian markets is that they are organized by products, or by guilds. This is how you will find the Silk Bazaar, the Jewelers’ Bazaar, the Perfume Bazaar, etc.

Finally, a secret: there is a huge market that sums up like no other the essence of the city of Bombay. It is the Sabyasachi Market and it is possible to find almost anything: food, fabrics, jewelry, ornaments … Visiting it will be an experience.