Cancun airport

When we travel, we must not only carry all kinds of information about the place we are going to visit, but knowing what we can find along the way is equally important. Airports are those places of passage where we can be for hours because of a delay, so it is advisable to always have information about the destination airport to know where we are going to arrive and what to do if when we return we must spend many hours there .

Today I would like to write about the Cancun airport , one of the busiest Mexican airports thanks to Cancun being the most important tourist destination in the country. It is the most important airport in the entire Caribbean as it connects these countries with the United States and Europe, being the second busiest in the country after Mexico City with some 14 million passengers a year.

Benito Juárez Airport

Officially called the Benito Juárez airport, it is about 15 kilometers from Cancun. It has three terminals , one of them for domestic flights, another for international flights in Latin America and another for international flights to / from the United States or Europe. It is not like the great airports of the world but it is certainly quite large.


From the airport to Cancun

Once at the airport, if you do not have the transportation to Cancun arranged, you will have to analyze the options available to you. A taxi will cost you about 50 dollars, and if you want something cheaper you can share it with someone and pay between 10 and 20 dollars. There you can share taxis and vans, and it is the most comfortable option since it will drop you off at your hotel. There are also buses that go to the Cancun station, a bit far from the hotels, so afterwards you will have to take a taxi anyway.