The pyramids of Melnik in Bulgaria

We already know that in Europe we have spectacular natural landscapes, achieving amazing contrasts and truly magical places that are worth visiting. In Bulgaria you can find several of these places, and it is especially recommended to visit the pyramids of Melni k, a corner with a lot of magic and an amazing nature that will make you live a unique experience.

Although it is not as famous as other countries, the truth is that Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful and attractive European countries, both natural and historical or cultural. One of the most striking things is its nature, very varied in flora and fauna and with several wonders that you can find along the way, such as the aforementioned pyramids.

Some different pyramids

When we think of pyramids, the typical triangular formations come to mind, such as the pyramids of Egypt. Well, nothing to do with that concept, mainly because Melnik’s are totally natural and man has had nothing to do with their construction or development. They were formed with sand and clay and are in the province of Blagoevgrad , in the southwest of the country. Some spectacular pyramids that will leave you speechless when you have them in front of you.


So they are

The Melnik pyramids occupy no more and no less than 50 square kilometers and there are several with different shapes, all of them very curious such as obelisks, triangular pyramids and even some are shaped like a sword. The entire area of ​​the pyramids is spectacular thanks to its natural beauty, but these formations are not the only interesting thing in the area. In Melnik you will enjoy other wonders, such as its gastronomy, one of the tastiest in the country and with a certain originality.