Mondello, one of the best beaches in Sicily

On the outskirts of Palermo , the capital of Sicily, it is possible to find an ideal space for relaxation and fun. It is Mondello beach , one of the most popular on the island for several compelling reasons.

To begin with, it must be said that the sand is very fine and its waters are transparent , two essential requirements for any beach worth its salt.

VIP zone and free zone

As soon as you park (you can do it by paying the blue area or without paying if you have more luck) you will realize that there is a fairly large area that is paid. To access it (sunbed and umbrella included) you must pay 14 euros for the whole day or 7 euros from 2:00 p.m. Of course, if you go two people you will pay 20 euros in total or 10 euros from 2:00 p.m. It is also possible to pay an extra to enjoy the solarium available in the area. You can check all the prices in the image gallery.

It is best not to pay. Although of course, you will not have an umbrella or deck chair and you will have to make a hole in a shore space of approximately 10-25 meters depending on the area. Despite that, it is not difficult to find a space to place the towels, especially if you go before 10 in the morning.

From that moment on you will only have to apply sunscreen and you will enjoy Mondello. You will realize that when you enter it covers very little and you will have to walk a few meters so that the water reaches you above the waist.

The most curious thing of all is that a few meters later the water will reach below your waist again, so it is a beach that does not cover you 100% until you have not walked more than 70 meters. That makes it perfect for playing paddle tennis or other ball games.


Many options to eat at a good price

Eating will be very easy, since on your walk there are different bars that offer all kinds of food at a very affordable price. You will find beach bars where you can eat for less than 10 euros per person and restaurants with more sophisticated menus in which fish is the star food.